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No 7 Train: Ranked the Second Best Line in the City

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Aug. 10, 2012 By Liz Peterson

Last week, the Straphangers Campaign released its “State of the Subways” report card and ranked the No. 7 train as the second best line in NYC.

The Straphangers report, which reviewed 19 lines, was based on six measures using recent data compiled by the MTA. It looked at each line in terms of its cleanliness, promptness, reliability of service, a rider’s ability to get a seat, breakdowns and other factors.

The report said the 7 train is cleaner, scheduled to arrive more often, and provides riders with a greater chance to get a seat than the average line.

The Q train was deemed the best line in the city, for the first time since 2001. The C held the dubious honor of being the worst line for the fourth year in a row.

However, the No. 7 train was subject to some criticism. While it may be scheduled to arrive often, it ranked lower than most in terms of its reliability, and was deemed the worst line as far as in-car announcements go. The report said that nearly 30% of announcements were incomprehensible.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer said that while the survey highlighted some of the improving aspects of the No. 7 train service, “the report does not address some of the lingering service issues.” He said many Western Queens residents have been facing “ongoing construction work” for years and have had to endure “heavy delays.”

He added that as the MTA continues to improve service, “it must keep in mind that there are millions of riders who heavily rely on them every day to get to where they are going.”

In other subway news, the NYPD has announced that it has assigned additional police officers to the No. 7 line to prevent theft.

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While the 7 may be a great train, I only ride it on the way HOME from Manhattan – not going into Manhattan, although that would be convenient. I just can’t deal with the 4 flights of stairs it takes to get up to the platform at 46th Street.

It is a very busy station. Why don’t the MTA powers that be get an escalator or elevator installed at that stop? What does it take to get one? I usually take the bus to Queens Plaza and jump on whatever train is there, or go on into Manhattan that way. Yes, now I can pick it up at Courthouse Square once I switch from the E, but why do all that? Why can’t our n’hood just get a decent elevator or escalator? Is it just Me? Until this happens, the # 7 is not on MY list as one of the best.


Thats a load of CRAP!!! The 7 train is horrible. 19 minutes for a train? and then oh we are sorry there are delays due to ( whatever excuse they seem fair that day)


I’m quite fond of the #7 but there are many complaints so I won’t say anything but will pay more attention. I have a choice between 46th or 40th in the morning and I can sometimes not get on at 40th where there is still squeeze-in space if boarding at 46th. People who live at 40th need to expect crowds during rush hour and no complaining. The #7 gets me back & forth regularly & w/out too many problems. The Q is best? They have new trains on that line, that’s all. The #7 is all about Queens- the Q is just for connecting to it.

Lucky Lu

I am always shocked at the high rating the 7 train receives every year from Straphangers. However, you should be aware that they create their rating by looking through information which is all SELF-REPORTED BY THE MTA!!!!!! I have caught more than once the MTA reporting a breakdown as “scheduled service” and this is what they report to Straphangers at the end of the year. Trains in the AM are far too crowded by the time they reach Sunnyside and I often can’t get on the train, much less get a seat! And coming home late at night also results in having to ride a packed train. Unbelievable that the trains run so infrequently during the night that a train to Queens at 1, 2 or even 3 am are completely full.



As someone who works late – what I’m noticing right now that there are probably too MANY trains heading into manhattan during the afternoon – sometimes coming only a few minutes apart. It’s nice in a way but….

…when I come home around 11 or 12 pm/am, the trains come only about every 15 minutes and are PACKED like it was rush hour. I guess its mostly laborers getting off the night shift – but really, couldn’t the MTA put on a few less trains during the day and few more later at night?

Trains that are more significant to Manhattan (and now trendier parts of Brooklyn) really do have better service overall – IMO the rulers of the city are extremely concerned about appealing to tourists, and as the 7 train is primarily for blue class laborers it is given short shrift.

Except for when the US Open (Tennis) is going on – THAT is something the big shots do care dearly about.

I guess the straphangers also are forgetting that for the next what – 4 or 5 years – when its not baseball season there are going to be huge upheavals in service in the 7 as the tunnel continues being worked on.


As the 7 is ranked highly most years I wonder if it’s a result of a large portion of the ridership not being confident in their English or Spanish language skills. You can’t expect riders to call and complain or fill out a quiz if they can’t read or speak the languages your test or call centers support.

Additionally, if the 7 is ranked highly the MTA won’t be forced to upgrade the cars right away and may—again—cut more trains running per hour this year.


Was anyone else inconvenienced by the Metrocard machines at the 40th St. Station not accepting credit cards for several days in a row? Never any signs alerting us. We just stood there watching the screen showing “submitting” only to have it say “try again.” And when I complained two different times, the man behind the window said, “I know. They don’t fix it.”


You have got to be kidding! Clearly they do not ride the 7 train. The wait btw trains is not what this report states. Do they count the trains that pass our LOCAL hood when the trains are running behind schedule? Even if you go to the last car on the 7 line you can not get a seat….ever! The track work construction is maddening on weekends and they cannot fix stalled trains quickly enough forcing us to take the F train at times and then circle back to our hood from 74th. I wish they let the riders fill out these surveys bc they will continue to neglect our line with this rating scale thinking we are satisfied w/ the service. Why cant we get any of the new trains which are wider and longer with better AC, clear announcements and of course—bench seating. The individual seat are ridiculous, I mean what adult male can fit their shoulders within those seats! The N train is sooooo much nicer! The fact that the 7 line is clean is a tribute to us and the fact that there are mostly good working class neighborhoods with good values, not bc the MTA workers maintain our trains. I cant believe they are extending the 7 line which will just make our wait longer and more crowded. Who goes to the far west side anyway?


Yep, it’s unanimous. Every day 7 train riders hate the 7 train.

Crowded, prone to “signal malfunctions”, frequent delays, and lets not even start with the trackwork that will make the line completely useless on weekends for the next few years during baseball’s off season.


i would like to know what these people are smoking — because the #7 train absolutely is the pits — now that is my opinion


The only good thing about the 7 train is the lack of BUMS taking the train. It’s actually a pretty good ride off peak. Considering how many BUMS Sunnyside has, it’s nice to get into a train that doesn’t smell of BUM


Also, has anyone at NYPRIG ever had to walk home from LIC because the 7 has broken down again, and coincidentally, on the hottest days of the year?? I have. Many, many times.


I fully endorse the last two comments.

NYPIRG very obviously does not ride the 7, and I question whether they ride the subway at all. I expect Bloomberg to say that there’s no problem with the subways since we all know he only rides for a photo op. But for a public interest group to LIE like that is really sad. The trains will stay as they are because none of the actual riders’ complaints are ever heard, and prices will continue to rise, since no one on the MTA board rides the subway to be able to see how the fares are not commensurate to the service riders get.


They should stand at Grand Central Station in sweltering heat to hear the announcements about “significant delays”.


They obviously don’t live in the neighborhood. Sometimes you have to let two or three trains pass before you get on during morning and evening commute. Over the last few years more people live in this area, the trains are too small and too infrequent to deal with the increased volume. This is of course on the local trains. Teacher’s from the local schools sometimes decide to bring two or three classes of kids on field trips during morning commute. While this is commendable, it clogs up the platform as they stand hudled together at the top of the stairways, blocking other commuters from making their way down the platform. If this is second best the rest must be pretty bad.


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