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No #7 Weekend Service Between Times Square and Queensboro Plaza

Crowded subway car of 7 train Queens bound late evening at 74th Street station. (Daniel Schwen/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

July 26, 2011 Staff Report

There will be no Number 7 line subway service between the Times Square-42nd Street and Queensboro Plaza stations from midnight Saturday, July 30 through 5 a.m. on Monday, August 1. A special fare-free shuttle bus service will operate between the Vernon-Jackson and Queensboro Plaza Stations while the service diversion is in effect.

Repair work is focused on correcting signal circuits in the Steinway tunnel, which links Manhattan and Queens and includes addressing water intrusion in the tunnel, the electrical power system and structural defects in the tunnel.

The MTA is providing increased Astoria line service between Queens and Manhattan on this weekend.  They remind customers that they can ride the E line to reach Court Square and Queens Plaza. Service change information may be found on the MTA website. Information is also available on ferry service. (Acknowledgement, Luke Adams)

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So far today at 4:10pm. MTA has kept its of promise of sending Q trains to Astoria to supplement N trains during the #7 shutdown between Times Square and Queens Plaza. Let’s hope that this continues for the rest of today and all of tomorrow. It should be noted that in Manhattan, Q trains are running express and by-passing local N stops such as 49th Street, 28th Street, 23rd Street, 8th Street, and Prince Street.

Sunnyside Commuter

How is 10:30 in the morning off -peak hours?. I guess you work the graveyard shift. That’s probably why you consider 10AM off-peak hours. If you didn’t know, Peak hours are from 7AM to 6 PM weekdays, with rush hours being at 7-9AM and 4-6 PM. Off-peak would be considered to be after 6PM and before 5AM.


I thought that on weekdays, “track work” in either direction on the #7 line was limited to the “off-peak” times between 10:30am and 3:00pm, but perhaps I’m wrong.

Sunnyside Commuter

What about the absence of local 7 train service? when will that be covered? It’s a huge annoyance and disruption to people working in Sunnyside and Long Island City. What takes me 5 minutes to get to work from Manhattan now takes me 30 minutes or more to get to the same destination.

I am trying my hardest to see the justification of doing construction during peak hours on weekdays. I have nothing against construction and rehabilitation of the stations, but what’s the reason they cant do this on the weekdays, or heck even after 6 on weekdays. Why do they pick the busiest time of the day to disrupt service for thousand of commuters?


Last weekend, there was no service between Queens Plaza and West 57th Street in Manhattan on the “N” line, which many #7 riders transfer to. How much longer are we supposed to endure these disruptions, which can add at least a half hour to travel times? In Sunnyside itself, it happens 7 days a week.
For months, there has been no local #7 service to Flushing between 10:30am and 3:00pm on most weekdays.


43rd@43rd, I haven’t seen this for myself but if I did, I’d send a formal email or letter to the Council Member’s office, and I’d make a complaint with 311. Sooner or later there would have to be some response from the DOT. Please, try to get Jimmy’s attention on this–he can probably get the DOT to respond sooner than you could on your own. This sounds very alarming.


Thank you for the info.
This post doesn’t quite belong here but…

They put up new ped.x-ing lights on QBLVD with a count-down timer -which is great except… there’s not enough time given when it starts flashing red hand to actually make it across one side of the street (ok, there’s exactly to the last second enough time for a fully abled person to walk at a decent pace to cross one side). Previously you could just about cross both sides given a flashing hand sign. But now??? This is insane! They’ve made it 100x more dangerous for anyone to cross if they have kids, or are a bit older, or just not paying attention.

I crossed twice and this happened both times as I was crossing the 2nd side. People are going to die this week because of those new signs.


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