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New York Sports Club Abruptly Closes Sunnyside Location, Manager Says It’s Temporary

Members of the New York Sports Club discover Thursday that the gym is temporarily closed (Photo Courtesy of Michelle Bova)

Nov. 14, 2019 By Christian Murray and Michelle Bova  (Update: the Club reopened Friday, Nov. 15)

Dozens of members of the New York Sports Club in Sunnyside arrived at the gym this morning only to find a notice slapped on the door that read: temporarily closed.

David Vasquez, the manager of the 39-01 Queens Blvd. club, told the Sunnyside Post that the gym had to be closed due to “building issues” and that it would reopen when they are rectified.

Vasquez did not provide any details, other than saying that Sunnyside members are able to go to other clubs during the shut down and that the members should check the club’s website for updates.

But many residents were caught off guard by the abrupt closure since no notification was given. Some members even had classes scheduled.

Andrew Restivo, who has been a member of the gym for 8 years, arrived at the club at 11:45 a.m. today and was disappointed to find it shut.

“It’s a little frustrating,” he said about the unexpected closure. “It is in a super convenient location. I hope it’s nothing serious.”

The Department of Buildings had nothing on record as to why the facility had closed. A vacate order had not issued by the department, according to a spokesperson, and there was nothing on file.

Club members did, however, note that the establishment had plumbing issues Wednesday and there was no water. Therefore, the showers and toilets were out of operation.

“A lot of people were complaining,” one member said, who claims that this is the reason for the closure.

Notice on the door of NYSC this morning (Photo Courtesy of Michelle Bova)


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I wish there was another gym of better quality in the area I am tired of New York SportsClubs small, old machines there are always problems with the sauna without service currently there was no hot water about a month,air is severely polluted and there are too many people, ymca may be next for me is just a little to far 🙁


Barbell Fitness is another awesome gym in the area. Stop supporting these big chain gyms and help the local community! 46-12 Queens Blvd.

Tommy Brunhuber

Come to
CrossFit Unleashed!
Enjoy working out & seeing progress again in an amazing community with some awesome people!
36-42 37th Street just off Northern Blvd right over the 39th Street bridge…
Take 3 trial classes for free!


because the air is severely polluted and there are too many people on the street, along with delivery people on electric scooters going full speed.

Eric B

Blink is less than $20 a month and Phyzique is less than $25 a month. If you go even one hour a week that’s a great deal considering the cost of literally everything else in the world.


yeah, i’m not traveling that far. did that before, and it was exhausting. I already travel far enough to and from work. either its a 5 minute walk or forgetaboutit!


(???) There’s a Blink on Roosevelt near 56th street. Also look at Youtube.
OTOH If whining burned calories, we’d all be buff.


Plumbing issues. There are wet vacs near the counter if you look inside the window. There are photos posted on twitter of the bathroom flooding two days ago.


St. Sebastian, YMCA.
What is “affordable” in your. Financial situation?
You do not need a fitness center to be or become fit.
A twenty minute non-stop walk twice a day is a free fantastic start.


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