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New York City Will Honor Healthcare Workers with Ticker-Tape Parade

2018 Parade on 5th Ave. (Photo: US Navy)

April 21, 2020 By Allie Griffin

New York City will honor the healthcare workers and first responders fighting the coronavirus with a ticker-tape parade once the pandemic is defeated, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today.

“When that day comes that we can restart the vibrant, beautiful life of this city again, the first thing we will do is we will have a ticker-tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes for our healthcare workers and our first responders,” de Blasio said at City Hall. “We will honor those who saved us.”

The mayor said the parade will be the “biggest, best parade” down the Canyon of Heroes New Yorkers have seen.

It will honor the heroes who saved countless lives from the deadly virus and also celebrate “a renaissance” of the city, he said.

“I think this will be the greatest of all the parades because this one will speak to the rebirth of New York City,” de Blasio said. “This one will speak to a kind of heroism that is intrinsic to who we are as New Yorkers, to our values, to our compassion, to our strength, our recilency.”

All May and June parades in the city have been cancelled, but de Blasio said the city will get through the pandemic that has changed New Yorkers’ daily lives and eventually be able to host large events again.

“The day is coming when we will overcome this disease.”

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Gardens Watcher

I assume any type of parade will take place after the Mayor is out of office.

As for the 4th of July, they should rebroadcast last year’s Macy’s fireworks and combine it with a live telethon virtual concert to support our brave healthcare workers and first responders. Thanksgiving parade should follow a similar idea. Macy’s is on the brink of financial collapse anyway, so let’s find a fun way for the rest of the country to send financial support NYC. No way should he encourage huge crowds to assemble in NYC this year.


During the year of 1918 the city of Philadephia did the same thing to honor first responders as well as the soldiers returning home from the war effort. Netherdelles what happened next was funny, 31 hospitals in the city of Philiadeplhia were full to the max the next day with people experencing spanish flu symptons. Note to self history will repeat itself. It is an honorable thing to pay our respect to the first responders, but it will be irresponsible to so with out a vaccine. Also where is JVB that slim ball of a politician has not been heard off or seen. Whenever a photo opp presents itself he is always there in the front to have his picture taken. But, now more then ever in a time of distress and turmoil is when politicans are suppose to stand up and comfort there constinuents. Not stay at home in hiding, scumbag. How about going on IG Live or post something for everyone to feel comfortable and trust there elected leaders. It’s bad enough Sunnyside has seen a spike in crimes and he has yet to issue a statement on this. I’m happy this guy is gone and hopefully soon, he is the worst, a little guy without a backbone, stand up for Sunnyside you loser #JVBscumbag


Guy is totally clueless.
Maybe he could spend the money on the workers? I’m sure it would be more appreciated , Guy talks crap all the time.


Debalsio did something proactive and useful. Well done.

Would be also nice to see our shopworkers, supers, delivery folks, bus drivers etc etc acknowledged. Lots of great folks in nyc.

Gardens Watcher

Nice idea. Until we have a viable vaccine that is widely available (2021 or 2022), I doubt if any healthcare worker or first responder would want to participate in a parade exposed to massive crowds. Hope they all stay safe and healthy.

DeBlassio.... think!

After the pandemic finishes lets gather people…. to start the codiv 2.0….
Want to make health workers happy and show appreciation? Make better health policies, improve their working areas, keep the street clean, fine drivers that dont let ambulances go throug…
Don’t just let people out with loud music and confetti, do you really think that we are medieval peasants?


Coronavirus will be like the reoccurring cold and flu. It is not going away and it will turn into just another common illness and disease that we will have to deal with. At least that’s what my doctor told me. We still do not even know the long term side effects. Save all test results as we might need them to file for disability. See you at the parade folks from my big screen tv i will buy with my stimulus check.


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