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New Thai Restaurant, Real Estate Office to Come to Sunnyside

June 11, 2012 Staff Report

A new Thai restaurant is opening in Sunnyside next month, across the street from the Butcher Block.

The restaurant, to be called SunnyThai, will be the owner’s second Thai restaurant, with the other located in Jackson Heights. The Sunnyside operation will be located at 43-43 41st Street where Anise Fusion was formerly located, before it closed after being in operation for just 9 months.

Meanwhile, a new real estate firm is moving into 43-44 44th Street (bet. Queens Blvd and 43rd Ave). This location was previously occupied by the unisex hair salon Claire, which operated out of 43-46 44th and expanded into to the space.

Furthermore, a new tenant has been found for Pathmark, located at 42-02 Northern Blvd., according to reports. Crain’s NewYork Business citing “a source” said that the Food Bazaar will be moving in.

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Hmm, some of the best Thai food in NYC is around Jackson Heights, this one could be interesting.


How about a daycare place to leave kids at?? Enough with the crap food restaurants in this neighborhood. If you wanna get fat, drunk, buy a cheap outfit, and then pawn it to get home, just come to Sunnyside! We welcome your dollar! Oh, and if you only have ‘one’ dollar you can spend it merrily at the plethora of 99 cent establishments. This also applies to the guy who spend 6.8 million on the corner property by Dunkin D’s. I can’t wait to read about the awesome stores he’s planning on opening up. FML.

Mike Novak

Roger, I agree with you 100% on this. Bookstores are a nice, quaint notion, but those who call for them have no idea the slim margins they have to eke by with. I would love a GOOD Indian Restaurant. One where the chef stays put and is not spirited away to another of the owners properties, like Saffron Garden.


and btw that restaurant unless they do just take-out at the present time had maybe 3 tables IF that many!!!


personally I would LOVE for a Kosher Deli to open — its be 20 years since we had one!


If there’s no demand for another Thai restaurant, it won’t last long. Simple as that. No point in moaning about another one opening up. Apparently, Thai is a very popular cuisine. Personally, I would love to see a good Indonesian restaurant open up.

There are no bookstores around here because there is not enough demand for one. With so many languages spoken in Sunnyside, what bookstore could keep a sufficient enough inventory to satisfy all the different communities?


someone must be eating a lot of thai or there wouldn’t be so many thai restaurants…right?


More Thai food???? How about a book store with a Thai restaurant and a nail salon and a 99 cent store? FED UP.


I agree, just what we need another Thai restuarant! And who knew that Pathmark was leaving?!?! THat’s just GREAT!!!!! I cannot wait to get the hell out of here.


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