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New Restaurant ‘Dumplings & Things’ Opens Sunday


Photo: QueensPost

Feb. 13, 2015 By Christian Murray

A new restaurant offering Chinese dumplings is opening on 46th Street this Sunday.

Dumplings & Things, located near the Sunnyside Arch at 45-26 46th Street, will be offering five types of Chinese dumplings as well as a variety of noodles, soups, baos and rice platters (see menu).

The restaurant is owned by siblings Lorraine Li and Sam Li, who have many years of experience. The family has a restaurant in Park Slope and this is their second venture.

“We chose Sunnyside for its diversity and we think we can offer something new and different to the neighborhood,” said co-owner Lorraine Li.

Dumplings & Things will be open seven days a week: Sundays – Thursdays from 11:30am – 10pm and Fridays – Saturdays from 11:30am – 11pm.

Dumplings Things Sunnyside Menu by sunnysidepost


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I will be back.

We went last night. Three of us ate our faces off for $31. The food was perfect. The staff was excellent. I’ll be back again soon.
Thanks Dumplings and Things


I’ve been waiting for this place to open up for months. I was doing backflips when I heard that they were finally opening, so I scooped up my girlfriend and a buddy of mine and headed over late Sunday afternoon. I gleefully swung the door open, still wearing my sweatpants and slippers, and immediately felt the presence of evil…. As my girlfriend put it “Oh my God. Who are these people” The place was hipster central. Like they came outta the wood work. Not a single recognizable face. No, it was as if hipsters made there way from LIC, possibly even Brooklyn just to check this place out. There was even a dude in their with sporting a rat tail braid and a hand knitted Etsy sweater!! Seriously??

However, I still had a great experience because I love Sunnyside, I love small business and I love food. I liked the decor, I liked the service, and the food was really quite good. Definitely a great addition to the neighborhood.. Didn’t care much for the out of place trendy menu items like Thai iced tea, kimchi, cucumber salad, and edamame. Not that I have a problem with any of those things, but no one wants fusion food, stick to what you’re good with.
Went back again last night. There were still a few self-important, food blogging trendsetters lurking in the corners, but that couldn’t stop a stereotypical Queens resident from getting his dumplings. I look forward to spending a lot of cash here…. damn Asians and their cash only businesses, how I love you so.

Mr. Skillman Says

Trust me, there are no hipsters in LIC. Just weirdo Eurotrash finance bros who are freaked out that they can’t afford to live out their Patrick Bateman fantasies in Manhattan.


i went there tonight and it was delicious and the crowd was totally fine. lots of people of all different kinds, “hipsters” and locals and everyone in between. everyone was nice and considerate, even though it was way overcrowded and the staff is still learning. if you were really a “stereotypical Queens resident” you wouldn’t get so hung up on what kind of people were there, you would get your food, say thank you and mind your own business.


I agree with Neonstella. So far been back twice since they’ve opened on Sunday and we love it. The soup we had was great. Not too greasy or salty. Dumplings were heavenly and the BAO was off the chain. Friendly service. I’m really excited we have one more cool place in Sunnyside/Woodside. I hope more to come.


It was pretty good! We got Bao, dumplings and soup all were on point. I feel like the prices are fair especially due to the lack of competition of similar quality in the area. I do hope they start taking cards. Great addition to the neighborhood.

Anonymous visitor

I would rather travel to Flushing and get those buns and dumplings for 4 for $1.25 then $3.50 here. I should tell one of those owner in flushing to open one right where the old pizza place is at. The rest of the prices it depends how the quality of the plate looks when it is done/cooked base on their prices. I can go to many chinese restaurant around sunnyside and get it for cheaper price.


Cost five bucks r/t to go to Flushing, and it’s a madhouse when you get there. I’d rather spend my money right here in my own neighborhood.


this place is awesome. one of my favorite places in park slope. can’t wait to try it here. the meat is fresh and you can actually tell what you’re eating.

Bill Bixley

I would buy 1 million copies of a book like that. The people of Sunnyside love their Assemblywoman more than anything! When will they build a statue of Cathy Nolan?


All the best to this new restaurant. I particularly like the tasteful awning.

FYI: there is also a very good Tibetan dumpling place a couple steps away from PC Richard on Queens Blvd that I recommend.


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