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New pharmacy to open on Greenpoint Avenue, while Asian goods store closes


Oct. 4, 2016 Staff Report

A Greenpoint Avenue property that has been vacant for seven years is about to be rented to an independent pharmacy, according to construction workers and a nearby store owner.

The property, located at 46-06 Greenpoint Avenue, was once the home of Green Point Furniture before it closed in November 2009. Since then the store has been empty with its front gates down and its interior left unkempt.

There are no details as to when the pharmacy will be opening or what it will be called.

Meanwhile, across the street at 45-11 Greenpoint Avenue, H & J Asian Carrier has closed. The store was best known for selling trinkets, children’s clothes and bubble tea drinks.

The owner of H & J said two weeks ago he would be reopening in Forest Hills.

In other news Paris Baguette, the chain that serves cakes, pastries, sandwiches and coffee, is still on track to opening its Sunnyside operation at 45-22 46th Street by mid November.

H & J Asian Carriers

H & J Asian Carrier

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m matthews

The bloody rent is no wonder why people open up a business and then, they go out of business.


Yes, there was an “independent” pharmacy in the space now occupied by the yogurt emporium. The pharmacy, which also stocked the types of merchandise found in Rite-Aid, CVS, and other chains, was usually empty of customers. There were rumors of being “liberal” about filling illegally-acquired prescriptions.


Wasn’t the yogurt place a pharmacy at first, then disappeared shortly after? Do these people who come with some kind of money not check the history of the neighborhood before they try to invest/burn their money ? We understand, they must have a large sum of money in China/India/Etc. where they are from but they have to check if the business can survive before jumping into things like assuming they’ll be able to survive on support they get from a few associated doctors sending people their way. I am surprised the other pharmacies still survive/stand. Do they have some kind of monopoly or exclusive agreement with specific drug companies?

As for the Asian goods store, I am sad to hear that one is closing/closed, what did they do with all the merchandise? Sell it all directly to some ebay seller? I’d love to pick up some of the stuff at market price (most of the stuff were overpriced, but it’s understandable, god knows how much the rent was at that location).. Hopefully the quick closure means the landlord already has a tenant that is not a Nail Salon / Threading / Pharmacy / Pawn Shop / Smoke Shop / e-Cigarette place.

El loco

I was hoping the guy who owns the Peruvian restaurant would open up a Venezuelan restaurant. Now that would have been cool!

some people call me maurice - woooo wooooo-00000

Korean people making French pastries on a street where the foot traffic is 75% Latino. Can’t wait!


Every ethnic group needs their own because they don’t trust anyone else, is how it seems to work.


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