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New Owners To Revamp Molly Blooms, Rename It

Paul Longo (L), Paul McDaid

Paul Longo (L), Paul McDaid

Feb. 11, 2016 By Christian Murray

The new owners of Molly Blooms, who took over the establishment three weeks ago from Ciaran Staunton, have big plans to overhaul the well-known gastropub.

The owners will rename the 43-13 Queens Blvd. establishment in about two months. They will also change the frontage and modify the layout to create additional floor space.

The revamp is expected to start sometime between St. Patrick’s Day and the end of April and is likely to take a month or two.

“We don’t want to start our full-scale renovation too soon,” said Paul Longo, 31, who is one of the three owners. “We want to get a better understanding of the neighborhood and our customers first.”

In the interim, the owners are making some minor changes to the lighting, music and furniture. The menu is also being overhauled and the cocktail menu revamped.

Longo’s brother Westyn, 26, is also a co-owner alongside Paul McDaid, 29, who has lived in Sunnyside since he moved to New York 5.5 years ago from Sligo, Ireland.

McDaid, who lives near the bar and has gotten to known Staunton, has been friends with the Longos since he arrived in New York.

“We all got to know each other at Ryan Maguire’s [AleHouse] in the financial district,” McDaid said, and “I had my eye on this place [Molly Blooms] for some time.”

The three men, who went on to undertake different ventures, then came together to open this bar as well as an establishment in Williamsburg. The Williamsburg bar/restaurant is called the Falcon Laundry, located at 65 N 7th St., and is having its soft opening this week.

“We just love Sunnyside and see a lot of potential here,” said Paul Longo, who hails from Woodbridge, Conn., and now lives in Greenpoint.

The owners aim to bring a modern feel to an Irish bar.

“We grew up in the Irish bar business,” Longo said. “We want to stick with what we know but add some young creative flare.”

When they start their major renovation, they plan on getting rid of the ornate frontage and simplifying it.

Their plans include bringing in a landscape architect to redesign the rear yard to create a country feel.

“We just don’t want there to be a space that is just a bunch of tables and chairs,” Paul Longo said.

The layout of the bar will change with the whole front area opened up.

The menu has been clipped back as the owners slowly roll out new dishes. Currently, diners can order burgers, salads, hummus, wings and omelets. The produce is locally sourced, McDaid said.

McDaid said that every item has been carefully selected and that they will continue to add items to the menu after they are reviewed. He said that they have brought on a chef to design it.

“We could create a menu tonight and put 50 items on it,” Longo said. “But we want to make sure we are offering quality, so we are starting small and building on it.”

The kitchen will be open until 2 a.m. every night and residents will be able to order for delivery until that hour. The bar will remain open until 4 a.m.

However, Longo said, they won’t overdo the revamp.

“We don’t want to try and do much and portray ourselves as being something we are not,” he said. “We pride ourselves on being a local bar.”

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Firing a neighborhood favorite bartender does not set the tone for a neighborhood local spot. Liz has been a mainstay in Sunnyside and has a loyal following who will follow her to whatever establishment is lucky enough to hire her.


Well, I like Liz too. I hope she can find employment elsewhere in the neighborhood, close to home. Having said that. . .



“We pride ourselves on being a local bar”…Well why then did they tell a long time local “Liz”..they will not need her services?…It’s a free country and they are free to hire whoever they want…Myself being a “local” will definitely not patronize this place as I am free to spend my money as I choose!!!!

Sir Walter Raleigh

I have been in there a couple of times on my days off I usually encounter the young Irish lady I was just there last Tuesday afternoon. I used to go to jack’s Fire Dept. I like the bartenders and the McGowan’s are great people but some of the Bar regulars just don’t know when to shut up. So I am taking a break from that establishment.


They already made their first YUGE mistake by firing Liz…fair to say they have alienated a loyal customer base…I wonder if it’s the neighborhood business they’re after or perhaps the hipsters from williamsburg?…Bring back Liz or you’ll never see a dime from my pocket!!!


That speaks to the loss of my business as well. Though to be honest, as much as I love Liz it’s not that they terminated her employment. They’re well within their rights.
I deplore the manner in which they treated an employee.

king henrik

Two smart men. Trying to keep the old and bring in the new. Good luck. Ive been in blooms once,not a regular, but will now stop in again. Maybe itll become a regular stop.

Longtime resident

I’ve always thought the interior of Molly Bloom’s was quite nice. I like the late Victorian Irish bar look. While I realize new owners have a right to make changes to their space, and I may even really like the changes, I’m going to be sorry to see a major renovation if the design concept goes with it.


The fixtures above the bar are beautiful. I’m stopping in soon to see if you mean to take them down. I want at least one.

Bulimic Panda

I question the morality of their partnership. They look too happy next to one another. I support their happiness but it should be within G-d’s laws. If they were two pretty girls I can turn a blind eye, but the Hershey highway is a smelly slippery slope. May the lord bless our little Sunnyside and everyone of us. Amen.


So glad you kept our favorite server!
I’ve always enjoyed how the front looks – so I hope it doesn’t change too much. The interior can use a bit of reworking; so looking forward to that.

As for the new menu; the portions were a bit undersized for the price; maybe have different sizes for different prices? Definitely quality though; but would like a bit more quantity too. We enjoyed the new cocktails.

The new owners are very friendly which continues the warm welcoming presence of Molly Blooms’.


Please be more considerate than the bar has been to your neighbors. Loud music and loud crowds at 2am on week nights is ridiculous and NOT neighborly, as this article seems to claim is so important to the new owners. And teach the staff to be nice and responsive if a music complaint is made at a late hour. We all want to live in the neighbor together and happily, and let’s find a way to do it! Now is the chance to get rid of the trash that Molly Blooms has brought in in recent months.


Its a bar, it’s meant to be noisy…If you don’t want noise at a late hour, don’t live by a bar. If you don’t want bar employees to be rude to you, don’t make ridiculous music complaints when living by a bar….sounds like you need to move by a park…o, but then the kids playing will be noisy in the morning for you i’m sure 🙂


Here’s the thing, I’ve lived by many bars, and still live by plenty. They have always been polite and accommodating when it comes to this stuff. And it’s not unreasonable to expect the neighbors’ requests to be taken into account. Especially late on a weeknight. Plus, the other thing is: there’s barely ever anyone in there during these times. So, it’s not as if they are trying to please a crowded bar. It’s definitely not that kind of place. If it’s a weekend, or up til about midnight on a weeknight, fine. Understood. But let’s be a little understanding and respectful of your neighborhood. Or simply, don’t use your bass so much. It’s a pretty simple and common understanding of noise restrictions, and basic use of music equipment. The city has specific guidelines to these types of things. Why not just follow them, as most establishments do, and not be in the line of fire when it comes to fines and possible removal of liquor license (Which, unfortunately, could be the case after a certain many complaints)? Why put your business at risk? I’m not unreasonable or ridiculous in the least. I’ve worked in many restaurants over the years, I know how it is. But I also know it’s better to be law-abiding and neighborly to be a successful business, rather than the alternative.


I stick to my original statement….I am not affiliated with the bar in anyway, and I hear what you’re saying, but there’s tons of places to live that are not next to a bar…was the bar there before you lived there or vice versa?

If the city had guidelines saying no music after 2am, why would bars stay open till 4? Every bar would be shut down lol….Like come on man, you just sound like a whiney baby….I hear is a great place to look for new apts.

Longtime resident

You sound like the type of 21 year old twit who thinks just because it’s Friday night, everyone should be up until 4 am. To hell with the people who have to actually get up and go to work on Saturday morning.


Ross…….who is to blame? you are……here is the truth from a dj

due to massive increases in rent bars have to attract more people and with more people who soak up the sound it need to be progressively louder to over come this fact.

the good old day bars could survive being half empty on weekends because the rent was cheap…its that simple…..

is bacon still a trend, cause i never stopped

Ill give it a shot one but Maggie Maes is my new place. it is awesome…esp with the downstairs space.


This is good news.

I loved Horgan’s and went there for 30 years. I would love to see something re-created in that style. Mixed crowd,all ages,good food, warm and welcoming always. Great beer, friendly service, wait staff with a smile.

Looking forward to your opening.

Kevin Mc Daid

Fantastic to see at long last the takeover. Change the menu especially the fish and chips. Make them better than when I last had them before Christmas. Looking forward to sampling the new menu. Good luck guys. ‘You can do it’. Sammy

Sunnyside Rummy

Please keep the liquor and the beer… It’s the best place to get really drunk in Sunnyside!! *burp


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