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New Medical Offices to Come to Greenpoint Ave.

Photo: QueensPost

March 31, 2013 Staff Report

New medical offices are going to open at the property that was previously leased to Orchard Farmers Market, according to the landlord.

The property, located at 42-24 Greenpoint Ave., was once the home of Nelsons Christmas Shoppe.

There are no further details as to who the new tenants are and what their plans are at this time.

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I avoid ALL medical offices in Queens, it’s where careers go to die, I get ALL my anal probing in Manhattan!


Does this rental include the huge space behind the store which was originally the auditorium of the 43rd Street movie theatre? I believe it has been vacant since the departure of a dog rescue group.

queens plasma

this dump?? must be dr nick from the simpsons. Any surgury you want for only $99.95!!

How come astoria gets all the good business and we get squat?


Will it be a storefront practice, or do they intend to remove the display windows? I don’t think that a doctor’s waiting room should be open to public view. It violates patients’ right to privacy.


Almost anything is better than another empty store front. Especially in a prime spot like that one.


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