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New Market to Open on Queens Blvd next month


March 17, 2016 Staff Report

A small supermarket is expected to open at 40-08 Queens Blvd next month taking over the space that had been occupied by Superior Market/Beer World.

The new market, called Sunnyside Natural & Fresh, will focus on selling organic foods as well as beer, according to co-owner Sam Musleh.  He said that he aims to open the 4,000 sqf. store next month.

Superior Market closed in November after it has been listed for sale for several years.


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fake Donald trump

Bill organic food is always expensive. Zinsu why would a health food store sell beer?


Hopefully the owners will understand the neighborhood and not overprice the organic produce. Otherwise they won’t last.


I’m so glad we are going to have the opportunity to pay more for organic food which has no health advantage, takes more land to grow, and has a way higher probability of being contaminated by fecal matter! Now that the L train is going dark the Bushwick hipsters are going to have to go somewhere to drive up the cost of rentals and frequency of date-rapes. Let the ukulelepocalypse begin!

Neziah Bliss

Although thesnack’s comment is utter doomsday paranoia, I give it high marks as a rant. Connecting organic food to fecal matter and date-rapes in one swoosh is a Sunnyside Post master class and way more entertaining than most of the other negative posts. This should be the example other trolls to follow, it’ll make it better for the rest of us.

Save the Robots

Too early to tell. Parrot does a great business; was hoping for another one along those lines.

SuperWitty Smitty

They sure had a lot of beer varieties but I suspect that many of those bottles had been on display for a long time. Rotating that stock, let alone keeping the bottles dust-free, was too big a job for the previous grocer. The price of a six pack these days too expensive for experimenting on some off-brand; I’d rather see a good selection of well-known craft beers, with a focus on quality of quantity.


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