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New French Restaurant to Open in Sunnyside

Sept. 30, 2011 By Christian Murray

For those yearning for steak and frites, a small French-food restaurant, called Bliss 46, is opening at the end of October on 46th Street just off Queens Boulevard on the north side of the intersection.

The restaurant is named after the 46th St./Bliss subway station close by. According to owner/chef Esteban Rojas, the prices will be reasonable for classic French bistro fare.  The menu will include classics such as escargots à l’ail, gratinée French onion soup, and coq au vin.

The former Bliss Bistro, which was located on Skillman Ave., “showed me that French food would be welcome in the area.” Alim Maruf, who owned the now-closed Bliss Bistro, is not involved in the new enterprise.

Rojas reports that he is looking forward to opening a relaxed, neighborhood restaurant with excellent French cuisine. Rojas, who still currently works as a chef in Manhattan, said, “I live blocks away and I am looking forward to walking to work.”

The restaurant will be located at the now-defunct “Victoria’s 11 Pizzeria,” which is at 43-46 46th Street.  Hours for Bliss 46 planned are expected to be: 4pm till 11pm, seven days a week, with Saturday and Sunday hours for brunch.

Rojas reports that Bliss 46 will be participate in “Taste of Sunnyside 2,” on October 18, the food sampling festival held by the Chamber of Commerce and Sunnyside Shines at Sunnyside Community Services. “We welcome visitors to stop by our table and try a few things from the menu.”

Bliss 46 location (Photo: QueensPost)

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I thought this place was going to open a few weeks ago – set up a date for last night, walked over to the restaurant only to find a sign in the window (next to the menu) that they would be opening “soon”. Hmmm…

Walked up the street to The Dog and the Duck and was pleasantly surprised. Sorry Bliss 46… not a good first impression.


I notice all the restaurants along Greenpoint Ave suddenly have the A in their way some of these places got an A-dirty and iunprofessional don’t get an A…someone call the food police!



The “grading system” just got started in NYC. What in the world did you do before then?


That’s a good name, Randall. Very appropriate for the current nightlife scene around here. It’d be a better name for a local pub than a French restaurant, though.


GREAT! Lets add more grade pending restaurants, It suprises me how people dont care, and they eat from grade pending places. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think TheFiveFootGremlin is being facetious. If there’s one thing we’ve got in abundance, it’s restaurants. And Salt and Fat just made the new Michelin Guide.

This is very good news, and I can’t wait to eat there. When it opens, we can quit bitching about the pawn shop defining the entrance to the neighborhood. There’ll be a (hopefully) cozy French restaurant right next door.

But PLEASE, Mr. Rojas, please consider changing the name to something more unique, creative, or French. Don’t worry, we won’t forget where it is. How about Côté du Soleil…or Bistro Boulevard de la Mort…or Angry Raquel’s 😉


OH THANK GOD!!! I miss my Bliss Bistro! Hopefully Bliss 46 can take its place in my heart!

Extra points for outdoor seating and a good wine list and cocktails!!! 🙂


We need a french restaurnt in our town to make it like the united nations of food. It should do very well. every nght we can eat we can eat in another country no plane tickets required.

Congrats to them!!!!!

Next up is Kosher restantant. Lets call us Bens deli and tell them we have space for them here.

Great Job of The sunnyside post for keeping our town readers up to date on what is gong on here.


walked by it last night and saw them working on it. Can’t wait! Anyone know what’s going to go in at the former Bliss Bistro spot?


There are many good restaurants in Sunnyside and Woodside. TheFiveFootGremlin needs longer legs to cover more ground.


Awesome. We definitely need more eateries in Sunnyside. I was walking around last night and couldn’t find a place to eat for the life of me.


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