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Nepalese Restaurant Closes—Another One Opens

Photo: QueensPost

Sept. 5, 2012 By Bill Parry

Yeti of Hieizan, a Nepalese/Japanese restaurant located at 43-16 Queens Blvd, is no longer in operation.

The restaurant closed last week and has already been replaced by Malingo, which offers similar cuisine. The new restaurant is owned by Naren and Ravi Gurung.

Naren operates a restaurant in Kathmandu, Nepal. It, too, is called Malingo, and he and his brother have replicated that restaurant and brought it to Sunnyside. Naren will continue to operate Malingo in Nepal, but will oversee the creation of the menu at the Sunnyside location.

According to Ravi, the restaurant will offer a range of food types “not just from The Himalayas, but from Korea and India.”

Ravi is the knows the Sunnyside-Woodside location well. He lived in Woodside for years– before later moving to his current abode in Pennsylvania.

The restaurant’s exterior will not change much from how it looks today. “We will keep the restaurant’s facade because it’s something of a landmark, but we will change the sign and color of the front of the building,” Ravi said.

The restaurant is currently serving lunch and dinner with a limited menu.  The brothers plan a grand opening sometime next month, once they secure a liquor license and the expanded menu is complete. In addition to the restaurant, Malingo will also karaoke and cabaret downstairs.

Malingo is named after a type of bamboo that is found in the Himalayas.

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Sara vallejo

My husband and I loved it , bet himalayan food after the one in 72 and Roosevelt …. This is very sad ..

Sara vallejo

Omg the yeti !!

My husband and I loved it ! , we were looking for it on and I was concerned that I couldn’t find it , and this is why …RIP to the best

Long time resident

We don’t know the first business “failed.” What do know is that the business was sold.

I wonder who is actually running the place. One owner lives in Nepal, the other lives in Pennsylvania, which is a minimum two hour commute.


The place was always busy the couple of times I have been there and its been around for at least 4 years, no? That’s when I first went there.

That being said, it seems the Japanese side is more popular here. I’ve tried the Nepalese food a couple of times expecting to be wowed, but wasn’t very impressed. Maybe the new owner will bring something a bit different.

Ruben – We already have a McDonald’s, BK, Wendy’s, and White Castle. I think that’s plenty of fast food, imho.


What’s happening with the possible closure of the Foodtown supermarket on Greenpoint Avenue in Sunnyside? There was talk of their leaving when the lease expired in October. I’ve noticed that the store has not been re-stocking many items when they sell out.



Because we don’t live in the suburbs and our neighborhood doesn’t need any more crappy chain restaurants serving overprocessed junk food.


I would rather get an Arby’s than a Nepalese place. Or a SONIC.. why I see commercials for these places and they are nowhere around here!!!???


Nepalese and Japanese…

Maybe they should stick to just Nepalese.

If I wanted Italian food, I’d go to an Italian restaurant and not, let’s say, an Italian/Hungarian restaurant.

108 cops

Meet the new boss!Same as the old boss! A new disturbing trend, if something fails, duplicate it. Only in Sunnyside!

I wonder how many Thai places will open up on Greenpoint and 42nd- we got 4 so far and the latest place is barren nightly. When will they learn!?


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