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Neighborhood Pays Homage to Sunnyside Centenarian

Nov. 28, 2013 By Christian Murray

Ethel Plimack, a Sunnyside Gardens resident, turned 103 today and the neighborhood came together on 46th Street to wish her well.

At noon, Ethel’s neighbor Patricia Dorfman knocked on her front door. When Ethel opened her door, more than 100 people cheered.

The mob sang Happy Birthday and a champagne bottle was popped for the occasion. Ethel expressed her gratitude with a broad smile and a few soft words.

Dorfman, the organizer, said that the occasion was particularly touching. “It’s just a whole lot of people joining together to recognize a very special person,” she said.

“It’s not commercial, where people are trying to sell you something, it’s wholesome,” Dorfman added.

Many people who attended viewed Ethel as an inspiration. “I hope I look that good when I reach her age,” said one resident. The resident corrected himself and smiled: “If I reach her age.”

Another resident said, “I’m 50, and I don’t feel old when I see Ethel.”

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Mark of the Beast

“The mob sang Happy Birthday…”

The mob?

Sounds like Tony Soprano and company joined the chorus.


What a wonderful way to start a thankful day.
…So glad I live in an area like this ..

Happy Birthday Ethel to reach 103 and look as wonderful as
you do is just marvelous ……


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