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Nearly 1,400 Queens Residents Have Died From COVID-19

Mayor Bill de Blasio at today’s daily briefing (Mayor’s Office)

April 9, 2020 By Allie Griffin

More than 4,000 New York City residents have died of the novel coronavirus and nearly a third of the deaths have been Queens residents, according to city data released this morning.

In total, 4,426 New Yorkers have been killed by the virus in the Big Apple — 1,377 of whom called Queens home.

The borough remains “the epicenter of the epicenter” with the highest number of confirmed cases. As of this morning, 27,063 residents have been infected by the deadly virus — a large chunk of the 84,373 cases citywide.

Statewide, 799 New Yorkers died yesterday — the highest number of deaths in a single day for the third day in a row. The death toll was 779 on Tuesday and 731 on Monday.

Despite the colossal loss of life, daily hospitalizations across the city have begun to drop and stabilize — a positive sign that New York City has begun to flatten its coronavirus curve.

The city may begin to lift some restrictions by mid-May or June if improvements continue, Mayor Bill de Blasio said today. He did not say what restrictions would be lifted first.

He did note that the city plans to keep most people working from home for the foreseeable future.

De Blasio said that the progress the city has made in stopping the spread is likely to mean that the months ahead might not be as bad as expected.

“May might be easier than I originally feared it would be,” he said.

De Blasio said that the restrictions will drop once a number of goals have been achieved.

He said that the number of hospital admissions must fall and stabilize for a sustained period of time. Additionally, ICU admissions and the percentage of people testing positive must also fall over a long period.

“If we really work hard we have a chance of seeing change in May or June,” he said, as he urged New Yorkers to do their part.

He said residents must strictly follow social distancing orders and stay home as much as possible, so that the numbers will continue to level out.

Expanded testing from the federal government is also necessary to return back to normal life, the mayor said.

“We need a whole lot of testing,” de Blasio said. “We need the federal government to step up, we need them to do it quickly.”

DOH: April 9, 2020 at 9:30 a.m.

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#wheresj- The cure should have been administered to Trump when he was dating Roy Cohn back in the 70’s, His criminal dementia would not have exploded to the levels we see today.


Has anyone received their stimulus check yet? Lines to get in the bank are so long. I am worried about using the ATM when the bank is closed and there is no way i am using my bank debit card to make purchases. I need fast cash now.


Gardens Watcher, thank you. Be safe and careful. People helping others like yourself will get us all through this.


Jess- You failed to mention the person who sits in the highest office in the land, who was warned about the virus back in November and everyday since January 1 in a daily brief and memorandum. But as recently as the first week of March danced with the flag and called the virus a hoax. This very same person also heads the administration who administers the “national” stock pile for the last 3 years. You know the man whose son was n law felt it necessary to alter website pertaining to national stockpile to suit an agenda.,

Gardens Watcher

Georgia, thank you for looking out for your neighbors. I also shop once a week for my elderly neighbors in their 80s who shouldn’t be out. They are wiping down each item as they bring it inside, but I still worry about bringing infection to them. I am an “at-risk” person too, so it is scary to even go to the store.

Whatever each one of us can do to minimize our exposure will help all of us. I try not to do anything that might require medical attention because the LAST place I want to be is in the hospital.


I watched him briefly yesterday and he is still encouraging people to go out and exercise. I guess he has to get paid some how by ticketing us at parks.


February was black history month and the city had many celebrations and gatherings. They were encouraged by the mayor. Perhaps that is how so many black people got infected. Its all so sad. I wonder what his wife thinks. I am pretty sure his wife and children are also wearing cloth masks in public when they go shopping.


I just watched a segment on CBS of how certain doctors are trying to put the least amount of people on ventilators claiming that it results in 80 percent patient deaths when coronavirus patients are being treated at hospitals and being put on one. They are claiming that it is unnecessary for some patients and doing more harm than good. Someone should really look into that at Elmhurst. This is all very confusing when one is trying to advocate for their own treatment and treatment of loved ones over the phone. Officials and hospitals spent so much time trying to purchase and make ventilators when they should of been focusing on getting the public N95 masks to prevent us from getting the virus in the first place!!! Medical malpractice is bound to happen with this new virus. Stay home and be safe.


To all those complaining in other posts about people making daily trips to the market do not forget that some of us are also shopping for others who are not able to go out on their own. There are many people including seniors, people showing symptoms of this virus, and those with preexisting conditions that choose to stay home and need neighbors, family and friends to shop for them. With supplies being limited to 1-2 per customer and scarce its very difficult to shop for others and yourself. In the case of the elderly and ill you also have to check the health content of products which takes so much time. Please take this under consideration when seeing familiar faces at the market.


Thank god for the SSP during this time of need. More articles about covid 19. Just no more about insane dog parks. These people and their dogs need to be put away.


Google “Extreme shoplifting this morning at CVS on 53rd and Lexington…” and watch the video. I am sure more is taking place and people are too scared to do anything about it. Be safe!!


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