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Nail Salon Celebrates One Year Since Opening, Looks to Stand Out From Other Salons

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March 30, 2016 Staff Report (sponsored content)

After opening 12 months ago and going through a change in management, Grace Nails & Threading at 43-50 42nd Street (between Takesushi and Cafe Bene) is looking to stand out from other salons in the neighborhood by using new surgical-grade cleaning equipment for their grooming tools.

Grace Nails Article 02Raju Shrestha, who owns the salon along with his wife Sarita Shrestha, said that people who look to get pedicures and manicures done in a hurry often forget to think about the sanitary conditions of the clippers and other equipment used in the process. Although many salons wipe their equipment with a disinfectant or dip them into sanitation fluid, Raju believes this is hardly enough.

“When you rinse or disinfect the equipment, there can still be many microorganisms that survive and remain on the user-end of the equipment, which can lead to nail bed infections or worse,” Shrestha said.

“That is why we use autoclaving devices, which hospitals use to sterilize tools, because it is the only sure way for customers to know that the clippers and grooming utensils we use will be the cleanest they can possibly be.”

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(Top) Stock photo of autoclave, (Bottom) Disposable pouch

Autoclaving is the most common method used by hospitals to sterilize surgical equipment before and after surgery. These devices engulf equipment with saturated steam under high pressure to kill microorganisms and spores that are often too resistant or small to be removed by the wipe or dip of a sterilant.

Temperatures inside the autoclave devices can reach as high as 274 degrees fahrenheit, a temperature that the owner said is sure to eliminate all contaminants.

“In addition, every customer gets their own sealed, disposable pouch of tools opened in front of them, so they know we are not using the same equipment as we did from a previous client,” he added.

Raju, who was born in Nepal, says his low prices for manicures, pedicures, eyebrow threading, waxing, massages and facials, are often a draw for customers as well. The idea to open the salon wasn’t only his own however.

“I came to the United States from Nepal almost 12 years ago. I met my wife Sarita an early age, and she was working in the industry at the time,” Shrestha explained. “The Nepalese economy doesn’t provide many jobs for people outside of farming, so Sarita gave me the idea to open up our own salons in this country.”

Raju said he’s proud to be operating in a neighborhood that is experiencing tremendous growth, and he and his wife are hoping to grow with it.

Grace Nails & Threading is their second salon in the neighborhood, the other being Rose Threading & Nails located at 39-46 Queens Boulevard.


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Thank you for some recomendations. I was looking for a nail salon and i think i found it. Will visit in the weekend.


better than karma services and cheaper than karma nail.. I liked Grace nails & threading salon

Rocky Balboa

Adrian liked Vivi Nails; I’m sorry they are closed; this place is great also.


Sunnyside Post, do not mix news content with advertising without BOLDLY labeling it as such.


when i had to get food stamps and medicaid i was impressed at how many women had nice nails, toes and an iphone…

but then i was honest and could only afford a free ohbahma phone


-rikki We see you’re a Fox informed imbecile. Keep those ignorant comments coming idiot. I guess that reverse commute you’re always touting didn’t work out so well for you..Just another example of your stupidity.


They talked about sanitizing the tools but what about the tubs you soak your feet in? Those are important too. I’m interested in this place but wondering how they clean it.


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