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Mysterious Signs Posted on Sunnyside Lampposts

Photo: QueensPost

Aug. 11, 2011 Staff Report

Signs have been posted on many lampposts throughout Sunnyside in the past two days – putting citizens on notice: “Expect Us!”

The group, called Anonymous, is a left wing organization that aims to create a better world “free of corporate rule” and a corrupted political system. It talks about getting rid of oppressive governments that violate the rights of the people.

The radical group recommends the following website:

The following is a YouTube video about the group.

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Jeremy Kareken

Oh, look a Guy Fawkes mask like in V for Vendetta. NYYYERRRRDDSSS

Alan Moore would puke.


Roxy – naw, I’m assuming these are the same guys I keep hearing about on the internet. Basically, they are a bunch of hackers who use their skills to weed out consumerism, corporatism, and welll… scientology.

And also any other internet stuff they don’t like 🙂


There’s a satanic cult, dedicated to the teachings of the notorious Aleister Crowley, which meets regularly in rented basement space in one of the Sunnyside cooperative buildings. I wonder if this could be their work?


Isn’t that Guy Fawkes’ picture (the guy who tried to blow up the British Parliament while James I was in power)? Internet hacking, by the way, is illegal.


They’ve now done more advertising than most of the local businesses whining about parking.

Oppressed Masses

That face looks like something you would see in April Glass. Has anyone checked with them?


@Krissi I wouldn’t call them vigilantes, they’re usually classified as hacktivists (hacker + activists)


Isn’t Anonymous that Internet “vigilante” group? Or is this something totally seperate?


How original…a comic nerd using the image of the classic comic book and movie V for Vendetta. I guess some teenage nerd just received his back-to-school printer a bit too early.


These are easily found templates from Some 14 yr old nerd is having a giggle fit right now because someone noticed his printouts. lol


I wouldn’t necessarily call Anonymous a left wing organization. There’s plenty of tyranny coming from the left side of the political aisle these days. It’s good to see that some people are waking up to the fact that their rights have been seriously eroded the last 20 years and by both parties. Stop thinking left or right wing and start think liberty or tyranny.


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