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Sunnyside Murder, 48th Street

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Oct. 24, 2009, Staff Report

Two men were shot, one fatally, on 48th street this morning, police said.

The shooting happening outside of 45-55 48th Street at 9:00am and the perpetrator(s) ran off on foot, Lt. Concepcion told the Sunnyside Post.

Shortly after the killing, police sent in a helicopter to search for the killer(s) but to no avail. By mid-day police had cordoned off 47th, 48th and 49th Street (and 48th street bt, Queens Blvd and 48th Ave), and were in the midst of their investigation.

The police did not reveal the condition of the man who was not killed.

The names of the victims were also not disclosed.

I would like to thank the Sunnysider who tipped me off to this story.

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We demand that you speak out on the massive crime spike throughout our neighborhood in which you Unfortunately represent. You have vanished after your corruption scandal. Remember it’s not
always about changing street names after promiscuous people or creating dog parks for the lonely and frisky
About giving a damn about the neighborhood you represent and if you can’t do it step the heck down immediately!!!!!!!!!!!

From Middle Village

I was monitoring the 108th on my scanner that morning, and the action was at QB & 52nd Street, with the NYPD Helicopter over the Calvary cemetery. They were talking about 1 DOA at the scene and the other taken to EGH. Shortly there after 3 o4 guys were taken into custody at 50th St & QB at the gas station. This is the first time I saw any new about this story. All the major paper & TV quiet about it.


R.I.p everybody here in hood its gonna. Misssss uuuuuuuuuuuu donny…….uin a better place now takin care all of us!!

Live from FL

Welcome to Woodside where 1 story becomes 100 different stories. Thank god I left almost 6 years ago and walk a straight line. R.I.P Ed, I remember when we were in the same AEP class in 125. Viejo you my nigga B 4real, get well soon!

local neighbor

Wow this is crazy all the stories I am hearing.. Don’t talk unless you know the truth!! Rip edison hope you’re okay viejo!! Karmas a bitch!


I live a building over. I was out there Saturday morning (after it happened) walking my dog. I have been searching online since trying to get more info than I did that day. You and Newsday are the only ones saying anything about it and Newdsday said it happened at 9pm Saturday which is obviously not true.


I grew up in these buildings and know it’s always been kinda hot on the corners. Recently its been pretty calm, but trouble around this hood fluctuates. I expected it to die down, maybe completely, with all the gentrifications, but this proves it can still be dangerous. It was much worse back in the 80s and 90s.

And, by the way, although many have referred to this as Sunnyside it’s technically Woodside (on the border with Sunnyside). It’s in the 11377 area code.


I saw them taking one guy out on a stretcher at the scene but it was a lot later, probably around 8:30 – 9 a.m. Crime scene was set up there just about all day, and there was a lot more squad cars seen driving through the neighborhood the rest of the day (compared with the zero you usually see) Guess it takes a murder for the 108 to patrol this part of Sunnyside.


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