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Mugger Who Terrorized Sunnyside Women Nabbed

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Jan. 26, 2011 By Christian Murray

A 16-year old youth who allegedly mugged six Sunnyside women on the northern side of Queens Blvd in early January has been arrested, according to police.

Damari Morris, from Brooklyn, allegedly followed the women to their apartment buildings from the 40thStreet subway station, then knocked them to the ground and stole their belongs, said Capt. Donald Powers, the police captain at the 108 Police precinct. Morris took cell phones, iPods, mp3 players and cash.

The robberies all took place between 39th and 45th Streets and 43rd and 39th Avenues between 6:50 pm and 9:30 pm. Five of the muggings occurred between Jan. 7 and Jan. 14. The women were between the ages of 23 and 42, and were white or Asian.

The police arrested Morris after a report came in from a Sunnyside woman on Jan. 18 who alleged that she had been robbed. The police, which had its anti-crime team in the area, were able to apprehend Morris based on her report. The victim identified him and her belongs were recovered.

However, upon his arrest, Morris also confessed to police that he was responsible for a mugging on Dec. 11, taking his robbery count to seven.

Morris, who was attending school in Astoria, had no connection to the area, Powers said.

None of the women were seriously injured. There were no weapons used in the attacks.

Morris is being charged as an adult and has been incarcerated in the Robert N. Davoren Complex in East Elmhurst. His next court hearing is Feb. 2.

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damari morris

Wow to whoever that put such a lie on the web
let me state facts,1; I didnt knocked no1 to the ground I didnt even touch em
2: it wasnt 7 it was 5
3: the crime was petty i jus asked 4 they phones n they gave it up

and yes im a free man right now


What I am hearing, Sosidesunnyside, is a lot of garbage and excuses for vicious criminals. If you have ever been a crime victim, it is not pretty.


After the 3rd mugging we should have been alerted if the M.O. was the same…especially since they happened in such a short period of time. This is a serious crime that could have turned out worse for the victims. The boy should definitely be punished, but sending him to prison with adults is a little much. we have juvenile facilities that will take him off the streets and hopefully help get his mind straight. Mallory, your vitriol, assumptions and name calling is of no help. You have a problem with how people talk instead of listening to what they are saying.


Sophie, what is with the “da”???? If a 16 year old is home alone, he is a still considered adult. By 13 years of age a kid can be home alone. There are “youthful” offenders are vicious and malicious. What country are you living in?


im not saying that what he did was ok, if a mother leaves her 16 year old in her apt. and something bad happen to da child the law is gonna lock her up for negligence saying that he’s a child, but if the same 16 year old goes out on da street and comit a crime its ok to lock him away in prison with hard core criminals ,and charge him as an adult, thats totally rubbish ,put him in a program,and try to make him a better person added to da society da system is so messed up


putting a juvenile in an adult prison is only gonna make him a harder individual added to da society ,so i think da judge should should put him into a program for which try and teach them the to be a better person.


Thank you 108th, good work! Let’s see how”district attorney” Brown rewards this felon


imho, putting a kid in “adult” jail isn’t going to help him any better when he gets out of jail.


Aton is your typical lib who makes excuses for violent offenders. They are “depraved because they are deprived”. I will bet the the ‘yut” has a computer and i-pod in addition to an i-phone. These “kids” are dangerous – and the younger they are, the more vicious they are. They have no conscience whatsoever.


aton,if someone knocked your mother to the ground would you think that was petty,ithink not.Get real.


sunnyside_south, I agree 100%. I live in the exact area these were happening and fit the same demographic targeted. I always feel so safe in the area, but know I need to be more vigilant.

While what he did is terrible, it’s a shame he’s being tried as an adult. Once he goes to prison I bet he’ll just become a professional criminal, that is after he gets used and abused by other men in the system. 16 is still a child if you ask me. No matter what the crime.


Great that they caught him pretty quickly, and I appreciate SunnysidePost’s coverage of this, but it would have made sense for the police to get word out about these incidents right after they happened, so that residents would know to be extra careful.

Robert B

A 16yo who commits violent robberies is a danger to us all. He certainly needs prolonged therapy either while incarcerated or free under close supervision, until deemed no threat to the public. Unfortunately jail merely offers many offenders only the opportunity to learn how to become better criminals rather than productive members of society. Age is just a number. A criminal needs to be evaluated as to his level of maturity, understanding, insight etc. and then prosecuted accordingly.
Kudos to the 108 officers.


“Morris is being charged as an adult and has been incarcerated in the Robert N. Davoren Complex in East Elmhurst. His next court hearing is Feb. 2.”

I love how 16 year olds are treated like children, until they do some stupid petty crime and then suddenly we assume they are as sophisticated as adults. Oh, America. Your twisted sense of logic never ceases to amaze me.


Egads. I didn’t know about the muggings. Glad he was caught. Sixteen-years old. What a shame.


Krissi — it says that the woman who was mugged on 18th reported it, police were close by and they nabbed him. Good thing. Just a reminder to keep our wits about us.


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