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MTA to Host Meeting in Sunnyside to Discuss Queens Bus Plan

MTA release draft plan for new Queens bus network (click on photo for plan)

Jan. 22, 2020 By Kristen Torres

The MTA will be hosting a meeting in Sunnyside Monday, February 3, to discuss a recently-released plan to overhaul the Queens bus network.
The meeting will be held at Sunnyside Community Services—43-31 39th St.— from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., and will give residents the opportunity to comment on the Queens Bus Network Redesign draft plan, which was first announced Dec. 31.
The MTA is working on a plan to revamp the entire Queens bus network, the first time in nearly a century. The plan, which is set to be finalized later this year, involves changing bus routes and streamlining service.
MTA officials will lead a presentation on the proposed bus network changes before participating in a group break-out session. Residents will then have a chance to speak during a public comment period.
The draft plan, however, has drawn criticism from some Queens community groups and leaders, unhappy that certain routes have been changed.
MTA officials stress that the plan is still in its draft phase and that the agency will be making changes.

“What you see today and what will be implemented eventually will be different,” said Craig Cipriano, acting president of the MTA bus company, during a meeting held by the agency Jan. 17. “We didn’t get everything right on first go around—we knew that; we knew we needed more feedback.”

The MTA is holding several meetings across Queens over the course of the next month.

To see the draft plan, click here

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Nancy lives in Woodside

I attended the meeting at Sunnyside Community last night. I AM ANGERED & UPSET about this whole plan that MTA is doing. I was not impress with the MTA reps who look like bumpy idiots that had no real info and most of the time confusing & unprepared with facts.
We chose to live in this area bc close to transportation to get to our jobs -its going to be a hardship to walk like 10 blocks to get the Q32 for me and it s not going to go all the way to Penn Station where I work . How is that being faster & reliable ???
STOP messing with our bus routes.


The 60 goes over the bridge and back. The 32 goes down fifth avenue and turns for Penn Station and is needed.

Dennis Deahn

What is the MTA thinking about? Displacing and disnfranching the hardworking folks from Sunnyside,Woodside,Elmhurst and Jackson Heights who ride the #32 every day to go their jobs! What about the Seniors who have Doctors in Manhattan? Shame on you MTA!

Feel like I will live in NJ

Why am I beginning to feel like I live in 3rd World Country by not having buses close by ? Why must I walk 6 blocks just to get a bus to take me to work which is not even going to Penn Station !! What kind of commute am I going to have 2 hrs to go from Woodside to Penn Station ??
LEAVE THE Q32 alone . I need to go to work with the bus .


As a community, we have students going on buses to Astoria and elsewhere. I hope someone is looking out for them.

Q32 Bus Rider

I just hope I don’t have to walk 5 blocks to get the Q32 that takes me to my job to Penn Station . I CAN NOT TAKE THE TRAIN due to knee problems cant climb stairs . I really hope the Q32 runs along Roosevelt Ave on Sunday I need to go to Church St Sebastian . Please leave buses routes alone !
The MTA needs to cutdown on OT abuse , that’s where the money can be saved instead you take our lifelines to work .


I agree exactly! Also, discontinuing the bus stop @ 47th street & not having another for 4 blocks has been an extreme hardship. We want our 47th street stop back and will,stand up @ any meeting and say so !

Flushing Skeptic

If implemented, some of the changes will devastate some of the proposed neighborhoods. Some streets will need to be widened, which would entail removing many trees, and trees are what makes those neighborhoods livable. One estimate I head is that about 100 trees would be removed in CB7 alone. That would be untenable.


No Q53SBS. The Q32 will stop at 42nd St. and no longer go to Penn Station and will run every 18 minutes during rush hour. We need more buses not new routes.

Neziah Bliss

I liked the north/south routes that were added in the plan and hope those continue – we need a lifeline to Astoria and the other subway routes. I wish there was consistent service along Greenpoint Ave. to Brooklyn though – the new maps does some weird loops.


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