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Move Your Car For the ‘Blue Bloods’

Photo: QueensPost

July 18, 2012 Staff Report

Blue Bloods, the police drama series on CBS, will be filming on the border of Sunnyside and Woodside on Friday.

The series is based on a family of police officers who work with the NYPD. It stars Tom Selleck, who acts as the NYPD police commissioner.

The show premiered in 2010 and airs on Fridays at 10 pm. Blue Bloods will be filming its 3rd season on Friday.

Filming locations will be:

  •  Both side of 50th Street btw. Roosevelt Ave & 43rd Ave.
  • West Side of 50th Street btw 43rd Ave & Skillman (3/4 of block)
  • East Side of 50th Street btw. 43rd Ave & Skillman (1/4 block)
  • North Side of 43rd Ave btw. 48th Street &49th Street
  • Both Sides of 43rd Ave btw. 49th Street & 52nd Street
  • Both Sides of 51st Street btw 43rd Ave. & Skillman Ave. (1/2 block)

Residents will be towed to the closest legal spot if they park in these locations from 10 pm Thursday through Friday.

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Old Man Matt

Hi Sunnyside Post. I think you should amend your story by adding that residents will be towed “to the nearest legal spot” and possible also list the location manager and his cell phone number. Might help to have that info in addition to the picture of the NO PARKING sign.


Wonderful. More obnoxious @holes being rude and pushing local people around.

John K. Wilson

Though I work in television, I do not watch it. I gave up cable 20 years ago; and, it was a good move: I have so much more time for things that matter. However, I do have an understanding of how TV shows are made; and, due to union obligations, it is almost impossible for these productions to rely upon local businesses. The union “craft services” caterer must be allowed to purvey edibles.
That is all.

Preschool Teacher

Tom Selleck is very wooden in the role. Most likely it will be a scene with Donnie Wahlberg and Jennifer Esposito. Tom Selleck’s scenes are almost always ‘office’ scenes.


And Bridget Moynihan – don’t forget that Tom Brady dumped her for the Brazilian model. Moynihan is far prettier in my book!


Love love the show and Tom Selleck.
…Nice to watch a show and see your neighborhood ..

Yes, they shoud support the local business while filming, not cater in food ..

Mike Novak

Selleck walks around with a singular, perpetual scowl on his face and its considered “acting”???

Mary Caulfield, Phipps

Don’t panic! I happened to me. While it is inconvenient, it is not costly. They move your car to a nearby legal spot and tell you where it is. No ticket. No fines. No towing charges. Inconvenient yes, expensive, no.


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