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Motorcyclist Dead After Crashing Into Box Truck on Queens Boulevard in Woodside Wednesday

A motorcyclist is dead after crashing his vehicle into a box truck on Queens Boulevard in Woodside early Wednesday (Photo: Citizen)

Aug. 10, 2022 By Michael Dorgan

A motorcyclist is dead after he crashed his bike into a box truck in Woodside early Wednesday.

The victim, a 42-year-old man, was riding his motorcycle westbound along the Queens Boulevard service road near 58th Street at around 6 a.m. when his bike made contact with the side of the moving truck, according to police.

The man was thrown off the motorcycle in the collision and fell under the truck. The box truck then rolled over the victim, police said.

When police arrived at the scene they found the man lying on the roadway with trauma to his body, the NYPD said.

He was transported by EMS to Elmhurst Hospital where he was pronounced dead, police said.

His identity has not been released, pending family notification.

The driver of the box truck remained at the scene. There are no arrests and the investigation is ongoing.

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get Rid of bike lanes

get rid of bike lanes and open up lanes for cars. go ride your bike in the park. and now they are putting those damm Citi bikes all over the area and taking away parking spots.
More $$$ for this corrupt city officials. Most bikers don’t obey traffic rules but yet they don’t get summons for breaking the traffic laws. I don’t feel one bit sorry for anyone that gets killed on the streets riding a bike, its the chance they take for being a Hazard to traffic.


Getting rid of the bike lanes is not going to happen. I used to like riding my bike when there were no bike lanes. Also outside dining makes it harder to get around and less safe because cars and bikes are using neighboring avenues and streets have bumper to bumper traffic.

sunnysider is back

look here- i feel your anger, i drive a car too and hate that bike lanes take up 1/3 of the road. But give it some thought, will ya… what if some people choose to ride bikes or motorcycles because they don’t have enough money to purchase a car/pay for gas/all the other expenses for owning a car (e.g. oil change, tire rotation etc.). check yo privilege before speaking (well typing in this situation)

Bike Man

This was a motorcycle on the service road, not a bicycle or in a bike lane. This is the result of aggressive driving, high speeds, and I’m sure there someone broke a traffic law here – ran red light? failed to yield? Speeding? All of the above? Crazy drivers of cars/motorcycles are a far bigger problem than vulnerable bikes.

Gullible liberals believe biological men should compete in women's sports.

Two-wheel vehicle versus four-wheel vehicle. The outcome usually does not favor the former.


We need more open streets so bikes, scooters and motorcycles can go through them to avoid high traffic on neighboring streets.


People on 2-wheels need to obey the rules also. I wonder how fast he was going. Probably fast.

You're language is misplaced.

Bikes, scooters and motorcycles avoid obeying traffic lights and plow on through intersections like they own the place.

There. 👏👏👏 That’s better.


Bev is completely out of touch. All I see every single day and throughout the day is motorcycles, bikes, ebikes etc speeding, going through lights, going the wrong direction, on the sidewalk etc. Most motorcycles flip their plates up so traffic light pictures can’t identify them etc. More open roads is ridiculous. The city put up hundreds of miles of bike lanes. Although it’s sad news about the person’s death I really doubt the truck was the one speeding and/or driving radically. How about following the laws and respecting others?

Gardens Watcher

Absolutely correct, John. Open streets were meant for pedestrians, not motorized wheels of any kind.


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