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More Than 40 Arts Organizations in Western Queens Awarded State Funding

The Flux Factory, which has been awarded $115,000 in state funds, is headquartered at 39-31 29th St. in Long Island City. The organization has recently opened a new location in the Gotham Building on the Hunters Point waterfront. (Photo of the 29th Street location courtesy of the Flux Factory)

Dec. 19, 2022 By Christian Murray

More than 40 arts organizations in western Queens have been awarded state funding totaling more than $1.7 million, announced State Sen. Michael Gianaris Monday.

The funds were distributed as part of a $140 million investment in the New York State Council of the Arts that was approved by the state legislature this year. The NYSCA, which allocates the funds, aims to preserve and advance the arts in the state.

“The arts are the soul of western Queens and supporting this community is critical to our economic vitality,” Gianaris said. “I am pleased so many groups are receiving support, and that the New York State Council on the Arts is using the Legislature’s investment thoughtfully in our community and across New York.”

Organizations such as the Flux Factory and Sculpture Center are among the 43 beneficiaries in western Queens.

The Flux Factory has been awarded $115,000 in funding, with the Sculpture Center to receive $69,500. Other arts groups to be allocated funding include Topaz Arts, with $85,000; the Chocolate Factory Theater aka Theater Et Al Inc. with $70,000; the Queensboro Dance Festival with $45,000; and Indie Space with $49,500

“A giant round of applause to all of our NYSCA grantees,” said Mara Manus, Executive Director of NYSCA. “The incredible breadth of world-class arts organizations in western Queens reflects its position as an international crossroads of language and culture. We are immensely grateful for the work of western Queens’ artists and arts organizations, activating the health, vitality, and economy of this spectacular community.”

The full list of funded projects in western Queens is available here.

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Pre-AOC, Gianaris was accepting campaign donations from developers.

Post-AOC, he is talking the left’s language.

Maybe DSA will have the last laugh when they realize they can run one of their own against him.

Good politicians change

Good politicians change over time. Robert Holden is incapable of the kind of change or personal growth needed to lead, much less represent an increasingly diverse district. He represents angry white grievance at a system he considers corrupt, and guess what, he can get nothing for his district. His voters lack a representative in the city council because he is incapable of doing his job. Not sure if he is corrupt, but his incompetence is kind of a form of corruption in that he is being enriched at the taxpayers expense for merely complaining about his job and the legislative body he serves in. Elections matter. Vote Bob Holden out in 2023.


This is a way for Senator Gianaris to set up slush funds so all these organizations can run interference against a potential DSA challenge.

Where's the benefit?

Some of these organizations, like Topaz Arts, Chocolate Factory (AKA Theatre Et Al), and Flux Factory seem to be more famous for getting grants than providing a public benefit, the basis for non-profit status.

The Big Apple Circus

This is not the place of government. Hard working tax payers this is what your money goes to. So many problems and deficits in coming years and the government wastes our money.

JoeBama Magoo

oh well, most voted for this progressive liberalism. hopefully taxes get raised next year. clearly everyone has too much money.


All community boards should have a rule barring members from receiving discretionary public funds. It’s hard to criticize a local politician if he/she is funding you.


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