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Modern Italian Restaurant “Senso Unico” to Host Grand Opening Event this Sunday

Co-owners Vincenzo and Laura Garofalo

Nov. 16, 2017 By Staff Report

SUNNYSIDE – Senso Unico, a new Italian restaurant that is coming to 43-04 47th Avenue, will host a grand opening event this Sunday, November 19, from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

Owner and chef, Vincenzo Garofalo, said he’s excited to open his doors to the community after much fan fare from local passersby. The restaurant is taking over the space that was occupied by Mario’s for more than three decades.

“Many of our new neighbors have been stopping by this past month to see if we were open yet, and now we are happy to invite the entire community to our grand opening this Sunday,” Vincenzo said.

Although the restaurant can seat up to 50, tables and chairs will be stored away in favor of a standing-room, buffet-style set up for the grand opening.

Complimentary food and beverages will be provided, including chicken meatball, pizza fritta, crispy ravioli, Parmesan cheese wheel pasta, select wine and more. Guests are expected to rotate in and out throughout the night to sample offerings and meet the owners of the family-owned restaurant.

“Senso Unico in Italian means ‘one way’,” wife and co-owner Laura Garofalo said. “As an Italian family, we believe the ‘one way’ to happiness is family, eating good food, and drinking good wine—Senso Unico will be the place where people can find this.”

The restaurant will be closed on Mondays, but will reopen for full table service Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

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I’m sorry but i wont be eating at this new establishment, they should have left the mural alone and not painted over it. It’s a part of the Community, if they want us to support them they should not have painted over half of it.

filter all water and charge nothing

gonna have to be pretty good to pry me and my family for sole luna, are they gonna be charging me and my family 3.5 x 4 = $13 for brita filtered water? LOL

so this means the tap water comes straight from the faucet?
oh man, who the hell charges for filtered tap water? this is strange….

But good luck anyway, just rethink the water thing….

Gluyten Duyvil

An Italian place with a gluten-free menu? Gluten is the reason I eat Italian food!

The $3.50 glass of house-filtered water sounds delicious though. I hate it when restaurants rely on an outside vendor for their Brita filters.


Italy is actually at the forefront of gluten free food. Google it. Celiac is awful, not a trend if you have it. D-bags that insist they are gluten free other than dessert not withstanding. I now return you to the regularly scheduled insults, bitching and moaning.

Sick Of The CHUDS Who Say They Like Small Businesses But Sh#t On Anyone With The Stones Who Builds One

If the food is good, these prices are entirely reasonable.

New owners, welcome! And don’t worry about all the kvetchers on here You don’t want them as customers anyway. Sunnyside Post Professional Commentators are known — in science — for not tipping, for sitting hours on end at your best table nursing (I guess 50 cent somehow?) Diet Cokes, and for complaining that chicken cacciatore isn’t still on the menu like it was in the last happy year of their life, 1977. Also, they drink flask vodka IN the bathroom and fart OUTSIDE the bathroom. A bad lot.

I appreciate your wine prices and will be by your place the first week for a tryout.

Robert russo

All these people complaining about soft drink prices. You need to go to 7 11 buy a64 oz drink and a 99 cent slice. I for one am looking forward to a real. Italian restaurant. Cant wait to try it.

Lou M.

If all you got out of this is that people are complaining about the price of soft drinks, you either need to re-read or take a reading comprehension class.

Jimmy M.

You guys are unbelievable. These people are announcing the opening of their restaurant and you get on here and complain about the cost of soda and water. It gives me the creeps. I’ll bet even money that “Sunnyside Lady” will stop by for the free food on Sunday. If that is your real name.

I’m a little disappointed that Dazies will still be the only red sauce place in the neighborhood. I used to be a big snob about it but when Venturo opened and I was forced to try something more old school Italian, I was very happy.

Good luck to these people.


Um, I’ve been posting on Sunnyside Post for 7+ years. I don’t know who you are – am I to assume you are fake? Regardless, are you arguing that it is “normal” to spend $3 on NYC tap water? ‘Cause its not.

And if you are looking for good Italian food in the area, Zio Luigi is great in my opinion. Sole Luna, the new pizza place opened by Sole Luna’s owners, etc. All great. Dazie’s is meh, but their bartender is awesome! And none of them charge for water to the best of my knowledge.

Phillip McCracken

You’re surprised New Yorkers are so upset about soda? Did you forget about that time they threw a temper tantrum when Bloomberg tried to tell them they could only buy 4 gallons at a time?


Um, house filtered still water for $3?? Are these people on crack?

I’m normally a huge supporter of local restaurants but this is ridiculous. Don’t think I’ll be stopping by.

Lou M.

I loved going to Mario’s and have been looking very forward to the grand opening but….$4 for a coke? I don’t know if those prices will cut it here in Sunnyside. But lets go beyond that my bigger question is.. where is the chicken, veal or eggplant parmigiana? I hope that the menu posted here is not the complete menu and that they will have more traditional Italian restaurant style choices.


They would get alot of business from Noonan park if they sold 16oz. cans of crazy slallion beer at a good price.

mario c.

the reason you dont see that on the menu is ptobably because those arent real italian dishes, they are italian american inventions made suit the amrican palete. look it up in Italy those dishes just dont exist. But give vincenzo a shot, ive worked with him before an honest chef, out to make amazing food.

Not a cheapo or a creepo

Chicken meatballs are real Italian? If so my Nona had it wrong all these years. I wish them luck but this is a tough crowd, tough meaning cheap.

Lou M.

I’m SURE Vincenzo is a great chef. And I’m sure that these dishes are great. But I think he would do better if he incorporated them with other dishes that Mario’s costumers were used to. We have always had a diverse population here in Sunnyside but with the yuppies and millennials coming in as well, there needs to be a balance. Sure, they make such high figures that a $4 coke to them is nothing. but to those of us who live on fixed incomes or who never paid those prices before, its a culture shock to say the least! lol. Oh and btw to the person who said about sitting a long time or not tipping, its not so. Sure there are those who do that. I don’t and at the former Mario’s believe me, his wife wouldn’t let you!! She ran a tight ship but very well. And the food was great. These are big shoes to fill, but if they want the former clientele, I think they need to change the menu a little.

Lou M.

That’s not egg plant parmigiana its grilled eggplant, probably a better version of the dish, but still not the traditional stuff we are used to here in Sunnyside, NY USA. Did you read?


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