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Mexican Restaurant on Queens Blvd Closes


Photo: QueensPost

Feb. 8, 2015 By Christian Murray

The Mexican restaurant El Norteno has closed after being in business for less than one year.

The owners of the restaurant, located at 42-15 Queens Blvd., took over the Mexican eatery last April when it had been called Chips.

The restaurant was owned by a husband-and-wife duo who bought Chips from Miguel Hernandez, a relative who went back to Mexico.

They changed the name to El Norteno, which they said reflected their northern Mexican heritage.

The restaurant, which is located besides PJ Horgan’s, had been listed for sale for some time. However, in recent days, the front gate has been down with a “for rent’ sign beside it.

The former restaurant is not part of the corner lot– which includes the former Center Cinemas and Dime Bank– that is being developed.


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A Local

You forgot to mention all the wonderful graffiti in the neighborhood in addition to the plethora of vacant store fronts. This is what being designated a Business Improvement District does to a neighborhood. The Woodside and Jackson Heights business owners fighting a bunch of greedy property owners from forming a BID in their neighborhoods is a prudent choice.

Silent majority

I really liked this place. The food was good and the owners/ workers were really nice. For all the haters of this place go to Arriba Arriba once and try that slop.


still waiting to see what will go into the old Mediterraneo space…miss that place – they had the best tortellini ala panna with ham, and awesome garlic bread


What a shame! Chips was a great restaurant – one of the best in Sunnyside! All the best to the former owners of Chips and El Norteno.


wahahahha, 41 people didn’t like hearing the truth. a ton of places have closed down. take your thumbs down and shove em

South Side Johnny

I doubt anyone thinks of you as a prophet, just an unpleasant person (who keeps promising to leave.) The truth is no one really cares what you say, at this point.

Silent majority

Sunnysideposthates is a very appropriate username. But you are really a bitter old/young puke who hides behind a keyboard and never was man enough to go and make his bones in the real world. You walk around Sunnyside with your head down not having the guts to look at anyone in the face. Don’t go away mad just go away!


South Side: This is a forum to share opinions. if my brutally honest opinions about this neighborhood, which I’ve grown up in, offends you. too freaking bad. Grow a pair and learn that not everyone has to sugar coat things. Everything I’ve said about this town has come true. I have made commentary on the corruption. I was one of the first to make a comment on the hideous ugly art they put up under the train and people like you still asked me to shut up.

Nope, most of the people who come on this site and comment are shills looking to make good on their investments as this Sunnyside “develops”. But there is very very little real development here. Most apartments are empty waiting for suckers to move in. Meanwhile businesses leave every month. You people don’t see the problem , that or you’re part of the problem. You don’t have to like me, don’t care but you can’t ever say the shit I spit ain’t true.

And silent majority, are you one of the weirdos that go around looking at people in their faces? stop that, that’s not a new york thing to do weirdo

catnip has no affect on me

bring back The Chipper! Remember that place? a real fish and chip place run by Irish guys, lasted about a month until the big Blooms fire wiped out the block. Now we generic Dunkin Donuts.

We used to have some cool Irish places.

Blooms was amazing. The neighborhood pubs cant compare.


Sad how many more will close? Btw the closing of the movie theatre by greedy real estate developers is a scandal


this is true Scandals should come here — this would really shake up the neighborhood — let the games begin – lol

open your eyes bot

hopefully Scandals is buying dime bank, the theater and this place so they can relocate here. Sunnyside needs a better strip club than the two we already have


NYC laws prohibit strip clubs being near residence. Has to be certain number of feet. Be happy with what u got lol


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