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Met Super Market Puts Up New Awning

Photo: QueensPost

June 24, 2011 Staff Report

The Met Super Market, which is located on 43rd Ave between 44th and 45th Streets, erected a new awning on Thursday as part of its  expansion.

The expansion, which began in March when the grocery store took over the space next door that was occupied by Ceci Beauty Salon, is expected to be complete by later this month.

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The place is getting into focus now – and they’ve expanded the aisles! I can’t wait until they’re 100% finished!

44th St and 43rd Ave

I am a happy customer of the Sunnyside Met, and glad they are expanding. However, as a neighbor across 44th St. I am also curious and a bit concerned about the “reverse vending machines” for recycling bottles and cans that they’ve installed along the 44th St sidewalk at the back of the store. Although a sign posted next to the machines indicates that recycling machine hours are between 8am and 8pm, I’ve been awakened by the sound of breaking glass as people use the machines as early as 7am (even on Sunday) and have seen the machines in use almost until 10pm, sometimes for hours at a time by the same person. New York State requires that businesses that are open 24/7 accept recycling during all business hours — but doesn’t the noise associated with these machines constitute a nuisance on a quiet residential street, particularly in the early morning and at night?

45th and Skillman

I like the Met and I like the owners. Everyone who works there is pretty nice. I can remember what that place was like before they took over, a dump.

You definitely have to check the expiration dates over there, though.

Mike Novak

The should be congratulated for a having a great work ethic and by transforming a few eyesore storefronts into a thriving business for the neighborhood. No, they don’t do everything right, but who can? At least if there is a problem, someone is always there from the family that owns it, and not at a desk in some industrial park 2,000 miles away.


I agree 43 and 43 plus how about having cold salads, They have said plenty of times they have and been very inconsistent for weeks. I guess more business for other supermakets.

Plus watch the dting on packaged goods.

43rd @ 43rd

The awning looks great!
Now if only they could get some of those free-standing items out of the darn small aisles so you could walk in that place without waiting for others to pass by or trying to squeeze past one another. It’s like a bloody obstacle course.


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