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Mayor Tells Protesters to Stay Home Amid Coronavirus Resurgence Fears

Mayor Bill de Blasio at this morning’s press briefing (Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office)

June 2, 2020 By Allie Griffin

Mayor Bill de Blasio told protesters Tuesday that their point has been heard and they should now stay home to avoid a resurgence of COVID-19 less than a week before the city is set to reopen.

The mayor said he is nervous of the virus spreading among protesters — thousands of whom have taken to the streets across the five boroughs to protest the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“These last days, I’m very worried about any resurgence that might come from these protests,” de Blasio said at a morning press briefing. “I absolutely am.”

He said the protesters have made their point and should now stay home amid the pandemic.

“I think people have made their point, change is coming,” he said. “I wish people would now realize in the name of the health of all New Yorkers [that] it’s time to go back, stay home.”

New York City will still begin reopening Monday, June 8, despite the past five days of protests and subsequent looting that has shaked the city, he added.

“We’re going to restart the city on Monday, June 8th, but for the last few days has been a national crisis,” de Blasio said.

New York City will enter into phase one of reopening, which includes opening construction, agriculture, hunting, manufacturing and wholesale trade industries.

Retail stores are also allowed to reopen for curbside or in-store pickup only under phase one. The stores are not open for browsing.

De Blasio also revealed Tuesday that all three indicators the city uses to measure its progress fighting back COVID-19 have hit their benchmarks.

The number of new hospital admissions for COVID-19 was at just 40 patients on Sunday — well below the goal of 200.

The number of people tested for COVID-19 who get positive results was at a meager 4 percent. The number has been below its goal of 15 percent for several days, but Sunday’s number was the lowest the city has seen thus far.

The daily number of people in the ICU at the city’s public hospitals was at 354 people Sunday. That number finally fell below its goal of 375 on Friday.

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get ready for an even larger infection rate. the protesters/looters/thugs will intentionally spread it. they dont care who they hurt.

Neat rant

Yes you copy and pasted this on the last one.

This article is about New York City entering phase one of reopening. Any thought on that?

If you read anything other than the headline, you wouldn’t be such an embarrassment!

J Murphy

One thing I give DiBlasio credit for…..he is a true believer! Not a hypocrite like our esteemed Governor. At least,… Cuomo knows when he is getting “played’ and will go along because he is a consummate politician. Decent people both white and black have had enough of politicians fomenting civil unrest to further their political “Socialist” ambitions. Heinous crimes are committed everyday in this country …victimizing all races…..that is what the ” Justice” system is about. The officer was arrested and charged…..not set free. He acted individually…on his own accord ….now he should pay the price…..not innocent hard working individuals. This “movement” has been “hi-jacked” same as the climate cause…immigration cause…
The “Hi-Jackers” are some kind of anarchist …socialist ….insidious group. They are corrupting the youth of this nation…..pitting class against class…..race against race…etc.
What will become of this?


We can’t hair/ hair salons open yet and I need pedicure badly But protesters are ok to gather in crowd.
No one is concern for the health & safety . I wonder about this covid 19.

Because of the global pandemic

I’m REALLY sorry you can’t get your nails done, but it’s to prevent people from dying. If you google “pandemic” you can learn about what’s going on.


Even Brooklyn does not want him
I hope his gym in park slope bans him

Ban him from the gym?

You want the YMCA to ban someone? Kinda…weird.

Do you have anything to say about this article? It’s about staying home to avoid a resurgence of COVID-19.


Dear Bill,
Imagine that this is a parade, the parades you love and support.

Council members, the looting is by foot on car-less streets. No use of private transportation or cars.

They are attacking small businesses, those that you don’t care at all.

And we have a bail reform, so more people you get,more bails for your pockets! (Or for Chirlene’s great ideas like yoga for 1Mo).

Oh, I see you are concerned bc some protesters say #resign…

Donald’s unbuilt wall obsessed: Trump sucks, too. Being against your beloved Bill does not mean I love Trump.

Gardens Watcher

The protestors aren’t listening to you, Bill. Even the peaceful ones are out in droves again today.

Looting and criminal behavior are out of control. Do your job. Protect your city or go back to Brooklyn.


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