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Mayor Eric Adams Backs Innovation QNS, ‘The Project Should Move Forward’

Mayor Eric Adams told reporters during a press conference about trash pickups today that he is in support of the Innovation QNS project

Oct. 17, 2022 By Christian Murray

Mayor Eric Adams said today that he is in support of the Innovation QNS development and that the project should move forward.

Adams announced his support when he was asked about the project by a reporter at the end of a press conference he was holding about trash pickups.

“We have a housing problem,” Adams said in response to the question about Innovation QNS. “Addressing the housing problem means building more housing, and this project is a good project.”

The development would bring 2,800 units to five square blocks in Astoria, including approximately 1,100 affordable units. The project would consist of 12 buildings that would range in height from eight to 27 stories in the vicinity of Steinway Street and 35th Avenue.

Adams said that his administration is engaging in conversations with Councilmember Julie Won, who represents the district where the development is proposed. Won is opposed to the project in its current form arguing that it does not include enough affordable housing.

Won wants the developers–Silverstein Properties, BedRock Real Estate Partners and Kaufman Astoria Studios—to set aside at least 50 percent of the units for affordable housing, up from the current figure of 40 percent.

The developers agreed to boost the number of affordable housing units from 25 percent to 40 percent last month.

The $2 billion proposal, which is dependent on a rezoning, is scheduled to go before the city council for a vote next month that will determine its fate.

Traditionally the city council votes in lockstep with the official where the development is proposed—known as council deference—although many high-ranking officials want Innovation QNS to be built and believe the council may break from this tradition.

“There are things that the council woman wants to talk about to get to a good and comfortable place. We are open to that, but the project should move forward,” Adams said, “We can’t continue to stop these projects.”

Adams described the concept of member deference as an informal council tradition. He said he aims to convince the council that the project makes sense.

Won was not immediately available for comment.

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Republicans Believe in Myths Fairytales Invisible Gods and Conspiracy Theories

No to low income housing. We do not need more Astoria Houses, Queensbridge, Ravenswood or Woodside Houses. If you can’t afford to live there, move to a place you can afford. All my friends and relatives had to do this and it wasn’t the end of the world. It’s arrogant to demand people (taxpayers) pay your way. Ask people who already have entered into these arrangements, they can’t afford supermarkets or restaurants in the area.


There is a plenty of blame to go around for this debacle of a process. Most of that probably lands at the developers feet. If everyone can end at 45% affordable with more middle income units 120% AMI level then CM Won should encourage her colleagues to vote, Yes. There is to many good things that can come from this project to vote No.

de Blasio II

Real estate paid Adams way for blanket approval. In return, he gets to appoint his friends. Real estate wins. His friends win. NYC get f—ed.

More Fake Affordability

Until the “affordable” apartments are truly affordable to low income households this development is not needed. Also, it is too big for the neighborhood


500 units at 30% AMI – That’s about $900 for a 3 bedroom apartment. This is actually less than NYCHA.


This one term mayor is the absolute worse. I think we were better off with a dude with the red Barret and that’s saying alot. This dude is just running this city to the ground with the high unemployment municipal workforce rate. With the slow progress of city planting trees and or the development of the infrastructure bike lanes due to “funding.” However, he does have money for his elaborate dinners and take photo-op with celebrities and other social elites. This dude is a clown and should dress as one. The annixation of the public school funding is a disgrace. Appointing his girlfriends and others to city positions with no experience is applauding and a disgrace to all city workers. One term mayor and I bet he’s advocating this development to line up his pockets classic JVB move, another clown JVB.


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