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May Concerts, Parades and Street Fairs Cancelled in NYC; June Events Unlikely: Mayor

Mayor Bill de Blasio at his press briefing April 17 (screenshot)

April 17, 2020 By Allie Griffin

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today that he is cancelling all nonessential events next month — including parades, street fairs, rallies and concerts — amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The mayor said that June events are also unlikely to take place, adding that he can’t envision thousands of people gathering in one place at that time too.

De Blasio said the parades, concerts and fairs are a big part of what makes New York New York, but that they aren’t safe to hold during the pandemic.

“We love those events, but what do we know about those events?” de Blasio said. “It inherently means large numbers of people crowded together in a pretty small space — that’s New York, that’s who we are — but guess what? That goes against everything that we need to do to fight the coronavirus.”

Events now cancelled for May include the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

De Blasio said he is talk with some of the organizers of June events to discuss rescheduling.

He was not hopeful that events would take place then too. “I don’t see it.”

The pride parade, draws thousands of people each year and will be celebrating its 50th anniversary, is scheduled for June 28.

The mayor said he will make an official announcement soon as to whether June events will be canceled.

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Stop the nonsense

All the other parade’s have been cancelled, why not the Puerto Rican parade. How is that considered racism? Wake up, it’s for the safety of all people. Besides Puerto Rico is an American territory, where’s the racism.

You don't need a parade to celebrate your country.

Heidi, nobody mentioned anything about racism or wanting to kick y’all out. Stop pushing racism and one person’s ignorance on the rest of the world. Be glad you are allowed to have a parade.

Gardens Watcher

The Mayor talked with organizers of the June parades and all permits are all cancelled. That includes Pride and Puerto Rican Day parades.

We’re all suffering. Maybe they will be rescheduled for later this year, but maybe not. Figure out a way to celebrate without crowds. That’s what we’re all doing.


I hope the Puetro Rican day parade is not cancelled. My people are suffering and we need a day to celebrate and show the many ignorant and racists new yorkers that we are proud and here to stay!!

Gardens Watcher

A vaccine won’t be ready this year. NYC Pride should without a doubt be cancelled, and San Francisco has already cancelled theirs this year. They’re joining a Virtual Global Pride on June 27.

Given what we know now, St. Pat’s for All should have been cancelled too.


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