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Mario’s Restaurant to close at the end of August

Mario’s Restaurant

Aug. 10, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

Mario’s Restaurant, the famed Sunnyside institution that celebrated its 30th anniversary last year, will be closing its doors at the end of August.

The Italian restaurant, located at 43-04 47th Avenue, will serve its last patrons on Wednesday, Aug. 30.

Carlos and Lynn Chauca opened Mario’s Restaurant, named after Lynn’s late father, 31 years ago in February 1986. Carlos, who originally wanted to open a video rental store at the site but was dissuaded by his wife’s family, has prepared northern Italian dishes at the restaurant since then, while Lynn focused on the patrons in the dining room.

The restaurant, which went up for sale in February, was sold to a new owner who has plans to open a restaurant at the location. The details are not yet known.

Alexandria Palumbo, one of Carlos and Lynn’s daughters who worked at the restaurant while growing up in Sunnyside, said her parents felt it was the right decision to move on from the restaurant after more than three decades of rising before dawn, rushing to pick up deliveries, and dedicating lots of time and energy to the locale, an experience that was as satisfying as it was taxing.

“They just want to relax a little,” Palumbo said, noting that there is the slightest hint of apprehension at what is to come.

Carlos, 59, came to the United States from Ecuador when he was 18, and began working at restaurants, where he learned how to prepare Italian food. Lynn, who was raised in the Village, has her roots in Italy.

Although the restaurant is closing, Carlos and Lynn will still be engaged in other ventures around the neighborhood—Carlos will join Donovan’s Pub at 57-24 Roosevelt Avenue as a manager, while Lynn will help their daughter, Angela Cuervo, with her custom baking shop Making that Cake in Sunnyside.

Mario’s Restaurant was as important to the Chauca family as it is a recognizable Sunnyside locale.

“I’m two months older than the restaurant,” Palumbo said. “My whole life I’ve always known the restaurant. We celebrated our birthdays there, confirmations, my bridal shower—it has always been in our lives.”

Mario’s Restaurant will close its doors at 9:00 p.m. on its last day, and is only accepting cash until the closing date.

“On behalf of my family,” Palumbo said, “I would like to thank our loyal customers for the lasting friendships, laughs, and love, and for making the past 31 years so memorable. It has been a pleasure to serve you and an honor to be a part of your community for the last three decades.”



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happy now asshole. for being rude. and insulting.

Sara C

My husband and I had been there a few times and one night, we stopped in and the first thing they asked was ,do you have a reservation, mind you the place was half empty, we were treated so rudely, we had even brought friends from the city one point, the topper was they knew us. I am glad they are closing, their food wasn’t that great to brag about. I think the patrons of Sunnyside got sick and tired of the rudeness and pretentiousness of them. they probably went out of business and they are too embarrassed to say so. He will not last at Donovan’s , they folks that frequent will not put up with cadiness . I should know I go there .Go to Daisy’s Ray will treat you kindly and they are super generous with there food as well with their manners

Kieran the Irish leprechaun, lucky charms

True, no Italian people anymore. They got smart and moved. Neighborhood sucks.

Sunnyside resident

They have good food but they treat the customers horribly… I’m not suprized they have to close down


We went once. Food was only OK and pricey for a red sauce Italian place. In the 15 years I’ve lived here (a block away from Mario’s) I’ve never see more than a few tables occupied even at peak times so I’m not surprised to see it go.

Al from sunnyside

Is that you Filipino Mel? I still would like to buy you dinner, Its al from Sunnyside


Loved this place and was a hunting ground for me for over 20 years. However I have not set foot in the place for over 6 years. I finally couldn’t take Lynn’s attitude any longer, and we got a lot more options on Skillman that just couldn’t justify the walk over.


I only went in once, and left before being served. I had never been treated so rudely, or like such an inconvenience, when my partner and I were the only people in sight.


Again, I never even knew it was open. No one was ever in there. I hope they open a Thai-Colombian restaurant.


Yup. Just what we need. Yet another Colombian or Thai restaurant. Because there isn’t enough around already.


Hopefully we’ll get a nice condo out of that entire triangular corner. that would be pretty sweet!

George kelly

Mario’s – goodbye- everyone go to dazies now, – GO SEE RAY- I LOVE RAY!
He’s so cool


Im sure having a regular day job is more relaxing and less stressful than owning/operating a restaurant.

Filipino man

Really? Restaurant biz is stressful whether you own or operate. Wtf do you know ? Oh, your probably the kind of person who doesnt care as long as you get paid. Idio tard.


If you’re a manager and have a set paycheck and don’t have to worry about paying the bills or making rent, it’s less stressful. That’s common sense.


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