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Maragos Endorsed by NY State Sen. Golden

Martin Golden, the New York State Senator who represents south west Brooklyn, told Republican supporters Sunday that Angelo Maragos (R), who is running for council in a predominantly Democratic district, must continue to promote key issues such as public safety if he is to convert Democrats to his side.

Golden, who spoke at Maragos’ Sunnyside headquarters in endorsing the 24-year old, told a group of 60-plus attendees that Maragos is very capable of winning the District 26 council seat. “Everyone wants a safe precinct, a clean neighborhood, quiet streets and thriving small businesses,” he said. “That’s what Angelo wants and that’s what Democrats want too.”

“If Angelo gets elected there will be no tax-increases and no reductions to the police force,” Golden said.

Phil Ragusa, chairman of the Queens County Republican party, said that the party was excited when it chose Maragos. He said Maragos’ youth and energy would energize the District, one where there is an abundance of small businesses and homeowners.

To shouts of “Go, go, Angelo,” Maragos thanked Golden for joining him and reiterated his platform of lower taxes, improved educated and a smaller and more efficient city government. He told his supporters that a vote for him is a vote for “honest public service.”

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