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Many Local Animals to be ‘blessed’ on Saturday

Oct. 4, 2012 By Christian Murray

The Blessing of the Animals will take place at All Saints Episcopal Church in Sunnyside on Saturday.

Last year, about 25 families went to the church, located at 43-12 46th Street, accompanied by their pets.

“In the past there have been dogs, cats and even turtles,”  said Luke Adams, a long-time neighborhood resident.

Pet owners typically speak at the event and state how much they love their pet. Rev. Joseph Jerome then blesses each animal.

The event is held around the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, who was known for his love of all creatures.

The ceremony, open to all, will begin at 3:00 p.m. on the lawn.

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Anyone who has issues with the dog park should have attended the community board meeting and voiced their concerns in a productive manner. Thanks to Rick for his unyielding efforts.

Dog Lover / Not A Dog Owner

Oppressed Masses must be very jealous of you, RD. If he/she truly managed to contribute any of his/her time and energy to any worthwhile project here in Sunnyside, he/she should post them here. I think WE would all like to know what he/she has contributed to our local neighborhood / society. I think he/she’s got nothing as such under his/her belt to stake claim to. It doesn’t read as if he/she has the gumption, positivity and creativity to get any projects accomplished here in Sunnyside. He/she is too busy being a negative blogger in his/her uncreative menial world!


Been In Sunnyside over 20 years and no one has ever spoken to me till I got a Dog. Most of the people are friendly and love the beauty of mine and other animals. The others fear the Dog and feel the need to complain about stepping in dog crap to me even though I pick up behind mine. I tell them speak to the old lady who never picks up behind her dogs and the bums who crap under the ‘L’ of the 7 train.

Our dogs love us unconditionally. They protect our homes form break ins. They ward off Pedo creeps. Yet so called neighbors complain when they bark or have a place to run free. Mind you, most of you never go to the park. So, if a priest wants to bless a Pet, let him do so.

Rick Duro

OM, this isn’t just a Sunnyside ‘thing’, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi has been celebrated all over the place for quite a long time. Perhaps you can start an “Anti Feast of St Francis of Assisi” movement, get him
de-beatified for this horrible abomination! Blessing beautiful living creatures! Lions and Tigers and SUDS, OH MY!!

Maybe you can bring your hermit crabs, pet rocks and chia pets? I’m sure the wonderful folks @ All Saints Episcopal Church would love to bless them as well, they don’t discriminate.

‘Taking’ of public land? Let’s see….unanimous approval from CB #2, the NYC Parks Dept, with not a single person showing up to speak out against SUDS @ the CB mtg. The newly revitalized park will be an incredible addition to our neighborhood.

Happy Friday!


Neighborhood Eye

Why can’t animals be blessed? And why shouldn’t people enjoy their pets? They are much better company than many humans. And, since adopting my dog, I’ve gotten to know many more of my neighbors. They stop me to admire him, ask to pet him, talk about him, etc. I’m single and find myself far more welcomed into the life of my community since I’ve had my dog. I don’t understand the resentment.

And he was blessed yesterday in a ceremony at St. Sebastians.

Oppressed Masses

Thank you to the Editor of the Sunnyside Post for recognizing the fable that dogs can be “blessed”. The increasing celebration of the canine in the neighborhood is worrisome, with the use of taxpayer money and taking of public land for a dog park and a dog religious service. What’s next, a canine costume parade for Halloween? Oh wait…..

Rick Duro

They actually do a massive ceremony in my old neighborood @ St John the Divine. I’ve seen Camels, Llama, etc. A lot of fun.



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