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Man Who Punched 81-Year-Old in Face, Stole His Cash Sentenced to 6 to 12 Months

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July 9, 2015 By Christian Murray

The man who punched an 81-year-old Sunnyside resident in the face and then worked with an accomplice to steal his cash was sentenced to six months-to-a year in prison Monday.

Terrel Blanding, 27, accompanied by Thomas Fulwood, targeted William Eichhorn while he was getting cash out of the ATM at Chase Bank.

The incident occurred at the 46-10 Chase branch at about 9:30 am on Sunday, Oct. 26.

Blanding and Fulwood, who stood on either side of Eichhorn at the machine, demanded cash.

When Eichhorn refused, Blanding punched Eichhorn in the facing causing a laceration to his cheek.

Blanding, with the help of Fulwood, then riffled through his pockets while he was on the ground and fled with $100 and his debit card.

Blanding was initially charge with two counts of robbery.

However, he pleaded guilty to the charge of petit larceny, a misdemeanor.

“I’m surprised that’s all he got,” said Katy Flanagan, Eichhorn’s granddaughter. “I know it wasn’t murder but I would have expected that he would have got about 3 years.”

“I realize the system is overcrowded but this sends the wrong message,” she said. “It tells people that it doesn’t matter when you beat an 80-year-old man.”

Fulwood was sentenced to six months for his part in the crime last month.

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Dino Velvet

They should find the parents/grandparents of these dirtbags, and have 2 guys put a hurtin’ on them!

El loco

I think everyone in the old guys family should be allowed to punch the mugger in the face. That’s fair.


The fucking judge should resign. Our system is a joke. Where is Bernie goetz when you need him these days?


These two skells committed robbery in the 2nd degree and felony assault at a minimum, the sentence should be 15 years, with a mandatory minimum of 71/2 years. 6 months is a fucking joke.


BLACK PRIVILEGE we have given black people the slap on the wrist for so long, that if we were serious about crime we would have to face racism charges daily.

trayvon was a product of black privilege he was suspended rather than arrested,


I feel bad to live among all these angry people of sunnyside. 6 to 12 months sounds about right for what happened, although I hope it’s a firm number not “6 to 12 months, out in 3 with good behavior”. The system needs to be more firm on specific crimes with exact penalties especially since he plead guilty, but the dirtbag scumbag public defendant probably got the charges reduced, I’d go for attempted murder not petit larceny since this men could have died there. If the old fella attacked them first, that’s a different story, this wasn’t a dispute or fight, it was an attack. This is why we see maniacs walking around with no regards to others.


Disgrace, Ten years at least. Chase also should have to compensate the victim as they failed to protect him during the incident on their property.

anthony blackwood

seems like Mr Eichhorn civil rights were violated don’t know why this is not a federal issue

dino velvet

Another dirtbag that’s going to get 3 free meals a day and a place to sleep at the taxpayers expense!

John Z

System is broken.

If they (the judge) think they don’t deserve time, I say put a 5 year probation on both these people, if they commit any crimes again the judge who was so lenient gets 5 years for negligence.


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