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Man Who Attacked Protesters in Whitestone Arrested: NYPD

Scene from the incident (Image via @lambomursy Twitter)

June 4, 2020 By Michael Dorgan

A knife-wielding man who tried to attack a crowd of peaceful demonstrators in Whitestone on Wednesday has been arrested.

Frank Cavalluzzi, 54, faces a number of charges – including criminal possession of a weapon – following his attempt to attack protesters on Clintonville Street, according to police.

About 10 young demonstrators had assembled on a bridge above the Cross Island Parkway at around 3:45 p.m. to protest the killing of George Floyd last week. They had also posted several signs along the fence.

Cavalluzzi, who lives on 150th Street in Flushing, was seen arguing with the demonstrators while he was driving by in his gray 2003 SUV.

Protesters could be heard yelling, “white trash, bitch,” and “fuck you,” in an online video.

Cavalluzzi could be heard shouting to the crowd, “you’re in the wrong neighborhood.”

Police said that Cavalluzzi then pulled up alongside the protesters. He got out of the car and ran at the crowd while waving a bladed weapon.

The medieval-looking device, which Cavalluzzi had strapped to his right arm, appeared to have two long blades and two shorter blades on the outside, according to social media footage.

“You wanna throw shit at my car, you wanna throw shit at my car,” Cavalluzzi could be heard shouting as he went at people in the crowd.

Cavalluzzi did not strike anyone with the weapon, police said.

According to the police complaint, Cavalluzzi then got back into his SUV, hit the gas and turned the vehicle around. He mounted the sidewalk and drove the vehicle at high speed in the direction of the protesters.

The protesters scrambled away from the car without being hit. They told the police they feared for their lives.

The car then sped off the sidewalk and turned left onto Cross Island Parkway, according to videos posted on social media. The SUV appeared to head in an eastward direction along Cross Island Parkway.

Police said were no reported injuries as a result of the incident.

Cavalluzzi has also been charged with six counts of reckless endangerment and seven counts of menacing.

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Did I read that right?

A protester said white trash? And how is it that Frank’s fault! They instigated! You don’t want racism? STOP MENTIONING RACE!!!


@ “peaceful” protestor – “was he mentioned in the article?” Yeah. Cuz if something’s not right in front of you it didn’t happen, right?
The list of dead from these rational and “peaceful protests” hasn’t begun to be tallied yet. But don’t let it bother you. “BLM”, indeed. “Or…” maybe not. BTW, I don’t support the actions of the man in this article nor did I vote for Trump.

Interesting aside...

This article is about a knife-wielding man who tried to attack a crowd of peaceful demonstrators in Whitestone. Do you have any comments that are in any way relevant to that or?

Gardens Watcher

A Medal for what? Turning himself in with his lawyer? He’s had unchecked rage for years.

NYPost reports Cavalluzzi has at least eight prior arrests before he was cuffed Thursday and has been accused of attacking a police officer, punching his female landlord and engaging in multiple, violent road-rage disputes, cops said.


Some lives- Apparently you lack the ability to support or challenge an argument on the contents of the subject matter of that argument so you throw up a deflection using an unrelated matter. Try to work on your poor debate skills and try to focus.

Gardens Watcher

Good thing Mr. Scissorshand has been arrested. A miracle no one was injured. Family should take away the keys and get him some help.

Some lives matter

Give the guy a medal.

BTW has anyone been arrested for the murder of David Dorn murdered by rioters this week?

Apparently, his life doesn’t matter.

Why does the Radical Right make champions of criminals?

He stabbed a peaceful protestor, and Trump lovers support that. Disgusting.

>murdered by rioters this week?

No rioters were ever mentioned in this article, if you scroll up you can read it. Is your little rant related to this article or just another copy/paste type deal?

Agreed, stabbing a peaceful protestor deserves a medal

You seem like a very stable genius

>been arrested for the murder of David Dorn

Not sure, was he mentioned in the article? Or…


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