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Update: Man Stabbed to Death in Woodside

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Updated: August 27, 5:16 pm

A man was fatally stabbed with a shard of glass in Woodside on Sunday afternoon, according to police.

The police responded to a 911 call at 4:30 pm after being notified that a man was stabbed at 69th Street and Woodside Ave.

When the police arrived, they observed a male with stab wounds to the neck and shoulder. EMS responded and removed the victim to Elmhurst General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.  The police identified the dead man as Enrique Morales Martinez, 37. He was homeless.

Meanwhile, the police arrested Ramiro Martinez, 28, who was charged with murder in the second degree and possession of a knife. He too was homeless.

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Yes wtf is with queens.
We don’t have any homie less sheltor but Elmhurst hospitals ER which smells like a sewer as soon as it fills up with the homeless every night and they can’t even lie down.
Yes build a sheltor for the homeless
It’s the only humane thing.


The level of thorough ignorance and racism on this forum is uncalled for. You don’t like “Mexicans” and they are the cause of “crimes in sunnyside”.
However, you have no problem with em fixing or cleaning your house, winterizing the walls of your coop building or cleaning up your baby’s $h!t.
If you do not like homeless people come up with solution like John Duro’s: a homeless shelter in a building here in sunnyside. If we have money for animals then in sure we can set aside some for hopeless pole.


Ruben I agree with you in that there are more bums ( homeless ) ppl on sunnyside and with that comes more
Crime I’m not
Talking about the changeee guy or the white guy who was once a tailor and now broke..theres this guy that walks around with stick.. Anyone seen him? That guy is BAD news there’s also someone who
Has a made a home for themselves on 43 rd ave and 42 nd street at one of the vacant homes across the street from
Ps 150: annex this needs to
Stop there’s a school
Near by and it’s
Right by skillman park.. Has anyone noticed this?? This is
Why we have more
Burglaries.. Jimmy van bramer Please step up and do something about this instead of investing in a dog park!! We want clean streets without dog crap
And bums living near our homes !!


The two guys knew each other: they both had alcohol/drug problems. A sad story and also they were both homeless. The police and social services have to step in more. It seems the 108th is stretched very thin.

Time's Up

I love you Ruben. You have me stumped – I can’t even tell if you’re a self-parody or actually serious.

I assume by “yuppie” you mean “young urban professional.” Although the sandal comment casts doubt on this assumption.

Nevertheless, if we take that to mean white collar workers, then I have some news that may rock your world. Brace yourself.

I’ve known people in finance and law who have been in the US Special Forces. I’ve known others who have fought in both amateur and professional competitions. These are men who could take most out in 30-seconds.

The idea of an internet clown trying to give them self-defense advice is hysterical.


When you start seeing more Bums in Sunnyside that’s when you know the crime rate is going up. Here’s what you yuppies can do so you don’t get owned by a criminal. Stop walking around completely oblivious of your surroundings. A criminal can spot a brain dead yuppie a mile away. Also, don’t wear sandals, they know you can’t chase after them with your flip flops. I know flip flops are comfortable for a day in the sun but when walking in a city street its best to keep your feet agile.
And finally if you see something that doesn’t look right don’t be afraid to “offend” the possible offender by crossing the street or walking in the middle of it or just flat out turning around and going into a store until they leave. you yuppies are so passive aggressive you leave yourselfs open as targets. Like the people who stay in a train with a crazy homeless guy instead of just leaving , they stand there because they don’t want to make a scene.
you make a scene dammit…

Get a Life

People have been robbed in Sunnyside for their i-phones! Unfortunately, that crime happens all over. 69th Street is dicey and on the border of Jackson Heights. Sad story. I don’t care for that subway stop at night.

Native Woodsider

In reference to John

“August 27, 2012 • 9:30 am
I walked by as the police were there since I live a block away. That corner is full of drunk mexicans looking for day work. I’ve been saying for a while that something will happen there since they are all drunk the majority of the time, no work, no money. all illegals and probably drugged up as well. It was probably one drunk mexican that killed another drunk mexican. sad to say.”

I’d like to say I’ve been a native Woodside resident and yes the majority of the park are filled with Mexicans, but your “I’ve been saying” (which saying, not acting upon it, doesn’t help much when you keep it to yourself) and assuming “all” the Mexicans get drunk, get high and do illegal stuff is absolutely ignorant.

Yes it is a problem for the neighborhood but you cannot generalize. I walk by that park everyday and there are SOME Mexicans trying to find work you don’t even know the facts. Woodside is one of the biggest work finding meccas and it has been like that for years and there is nothing you can do. The cops don’t give two shits about pushing those guys out, and do what those cops show up to their court arraignment at 9am? Those cops aren’t filing any immigrant when it doesn’t make the city any money.

Some mean good in finding work and some others may not. But if this is a problem for you, your ass can move out to another neighborhood where you think immigrants aren’t what you think. Some are hardworking immigrants with good intentions to staying out of trouble.

I don’t see drug dealers on that park and neither is Woodside credible for that accusation. You want drugs? That isn’t here. It is a family oriented neighborhood and if you really think Woodside is this fucked up I suggest you take a walk to Elmhurst where you do get robbed for your iPhone or Brownsville Projects where kids are getting shot.

Know your stats before you go ahead and make Woodside seem like it is a dangerous neighborhood.


I actually live a few blocks away from where the crime took place. There needs to be more police paroling the area. The neighborhood is great, except that these migrant workers are always at that park, or on the corners, drinking beers in plain daylight!! Every morning on my way to the subway, that is something I ALWAYS see. It’s not safe for other pedestrians or stores near by. And, this being a family neighborhood, 1 block away is an elementary school. These men drink in the mornings while kids are on their way to school. Something must be done!!


I walked by as the police were there since I live a block away. That corner is full of drunk mexicans looking for day work. I’ve been saying for a while that something will happen there since they are all drunk the majority of the time, no work, no money. all illegals and probably drugged up as well. It was probably one drunk mexican that killed another drunk mexican. sad to say.


This is almost jackson heights, ride through there at night you would feel like you are in the gettos of mexico or equador or wherever most of those people are from, it is really a shame.. There are a lot of good families living around there, yet the place looks like a dump at night, now it is spilling to weekends and daytime…

As for the crime, since they got the guy who did it right there at the scene, I am guessing it was a dispute and they knew each other. I would love to see sunnyside post follow up on these cases and report back as to exactly what happened and who was who–for once..

Neighborhood Eye

Violence is always shocking, but it is not new. Woodside and Sunnyside have seen them before, unfortunately.


this neighborhood has been going to shit for over 24 years now — ever since the Columbian Cocaine Cowboys arrived and then some — have a look at 69th Street Park & Broadway and the surrounding areas


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