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Man Robs Sunnyside Pharmacy, Takes Off With Drugs

Photo: QueensPost

Aug. 25, 2013 Staff Report

Family Pharmacy, located at 45-60 43rd Street, was robbed earlier this month.

A man entered the store at 11:40 am on August 13 displayed a firearm and stole an assortment of prescription drugs, according to police. No cash was taken.

There were no injuries.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS (8477). The police are offering a $2,000 reward.

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43rd Street Resident

What was next door crime watch doing The all big men of Sunnyside Shines probably having dinner at Dazies? But then again no one lives in area cant expect to much!!!


lived in Sunnyside for 9 years. LOVED this pharmacy. The owner is a kind, knowledgable and professional person. So sad to hear he was robbed. He is one of the best business owners in Sunnyside.

South Side Johnny

I like this little store a lot mare than Rite Aid. I like the park across the street and also the fact that there’s a new school being built down the block in the other direction. Hard to imagine an armed robbery in such a pleasant area of town. I guess the crime is spilling over from the north side of the boulevard!


@ Sunnyside Native- no, you posted some nonsense about how there were crack & heroin dealers hanging out on corners on 48th ave, which was as ridiculous then as it is now. After some discussion, I recall you modified your statement: “how it used to be” way back when you lived there in the nineties.

The corner where this store is located, and the park across the street, is a pleasant part of the neighborhood, and there aren’t any drug dealers hanging around. The only reason a criminal went there was because that’s where the pahrmacy was located. It’s no reflection on the neighborhood.

Stop being so foolish.


Rikki, must have been another case of “you cannot describe them by their skin color, eye shape, hair condition, shoes they were, if they were missing a limb, or if they were too old to be discriminated for their old age”.

At least we know it wasn’t the cat or one of the dogs that our ever growing dog-walkers forgot behind who robbed the place,


I don’t mind the late news, this site does not make money by posting timely news, but yeah they should be watching the PD reports closely maybe they didn’t update on time? Site has enough traffic and this seems to be a petty theft, someone who must know someone else that knew the store or the owner, sad that this old place did not have any cameras or security measures.

Patricia Dorfman

i LOVE this pharmacy and everyone in it. Luke Adams recommended them to me, and he was right. When you have had enough of Rite Aid, Duane Reade, and CVS, take a stroll over to pharmacy paradiso.

I feel better just going in there. The head pharmacist used to be a doctor, so he knows what he is doing. They do not ask me for an ID card when I buy jujubes, so that they can harvest information to sell me stuff. They know me already. They ring up the sales. They will order any sundry they do not have in stock and sell at better prices.

They take all insurance. Even though a small store, they still have a small freezer for ice cream treats, little scissors, and esoteric balms of all kinds.

The robber was of indeterminate ethnicity as he was covered to the max. When one is the victim of a crime, it is really disheartening. Maybe stop by and buy a soda and offer your support even if you are happy with your drug store.

And while on the topic of small pharmacies, I heard from a good source that the Amazon guy is not a bad guy and the car dealer filed no charges. I’m sticking with mom and pop pharmacies!

Sunnyside Native

I told Super Witty Smitty months ago on this forum & he didn’t want to hear it. He claimed to know his neighborhood. There are obvious drug deals that take place in the neighborhood, but more concerning is the selling / swapping of prescription pills. This story does not surprise me…


It took this long to have this up as news?! There should be more reporters of Sunnyside Post out and about rather than have people to report of something happening and then a reporter reports on one when this “something” happened long time ago!

P.S.: Thank God at least that no one was hurt and that the money was safe and sound.


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