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Man punched and robbed at gunpoint on Skillman Avenue, police say

NYPD photo

June 8, 2017 By Christian Murray

A man was punched in the face and then robbed at gunpoint on Skillman Avenue late last month, according to police.

The incident took place outside 47-09 Skillman Avenue when the victim—a cab driver–was approached by two men shortly after he got into his vehicle to start work at 2:45 am on Saturday May 27, according to police.

The two suspects—described as black–got into the cabbie’s car and then robbed him, according to police.

The first suspect punched the victim in the face, while the second man displayed a gun. The suspects took $200 from him.

The victim then chased the suspects up toward 48th Street and Skillman. One of the suspects fled into a courtyard and then disappeared. The other vanished.

Police conducted a search of the neighborhood and discovered a firearm. The firearm was believed to have been the same one used in the robbery, according to police.

47-09 Skillman Avenue

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drivers are scared of picking up people who look like thug hoods……dress nicely and racism goes away


Why are we just finding out about this now? A lot of people come home late. I go out and come home late u can only be personally vigilant to a point. Thank u Here is the Truth, for answering about people who don’t look like they belong here. So if someone is black they don’t belong here? That is so racist!! The rents go up every year in all 5 boroughs according to rent stabilization not according to who moves into the neighborhood. It says the incident happened on Skillman not in the garden why should they put out cameras? It’s the city’s responsibility , they should add more lighting on the streets.

El loco

Wow, what wonderful nicknames. Or are they the real names? Something to think about.


The real crime is the green rug the occupants of this house put down in the front yard.


There’s always some jerk “trying” to make a joke out of something serious. Grow up.


John got offended by someone calling him out on his poor taste in lawn accessories.


Actually Barbara that’s not my house. You should learn to mind you business. People like you are the ones who get slapped for saying stupid things.


“One of the suspects fled into a courtyard and then disappeared. The other vanished.” They were beamed up by Scotty.


More people should get the ring device, that way the neighborhood could connect with each other and share videos

Ariana Genovesse


Lucky Luciano

Would we also blame DiBlasio for your poor sentence structure and spelling?


they dont belong in sunnyside, they are easy to spot and they wonder why everyone follows them ….maybe they are up to no good… a lot!

Marie J

When is the last time you saw regular 108 Pct. police cars in the area? Lucky if one goes by once a day!


Not to be offensive but maybe they should check that housing shelter at 52 street. I would always drive there and see ambulances and police there…


that is the Quality Inn at 53-05 Queens Boulevard and our council person is not doing anything about it –


Here we go again tell us a couple weeks later so we can help identify the savages.

T Naug.

Sounds like 2 idiots. They probably got off the train at the wrong stop. Feel bad for the cab driver. But crime is rising in our area. Sunny side. Woodside. Maspeth.

Bart Stone

Hmm $200 but you lose the gun. What a couple of knuckleheads. Feel bad for the victim though, hope he’s doing alright.


What kind of nonsense situation is this? This is why everyone on sunnyside gardens should install some kind of camera or lights, most of those houses are in need of repair, it’s usually very dark in the gardens, and people expect buyers to pay 1.5mil for a ghetto looking house in the middle of bushes.

Did they call the cab using uber?

It’s about time feds if not cops raid the homeless shelters. I see all sorts of questionable characters walking up past Boston Market recently. Recent influx of people who look out of place (not typical Sunnyside demographic) has been increasing recently, regardless of the race.

Kramden's Delicoius Marchall

If he were driving for Uber, he wouldn’t have $200 to spare.

You’re calling on cops to raid people because they’re homeless? Who’s next?

Here is the Truth

First. This happened on skillman which has lights and as you can see by the picture has a camera. Has little to do with the gardens. Well nothing to do with the gardens. The article clearly says the Cabbie was going to his car to go to work. Feds are Federal officers they would only raid someplace based on a federal crime. Like kidnapping. Why the hell would Feds care about the homeless shelters? Also the closest homeless shelter is in Brooklyn. WTF? Your idea is that a PAIR of homeless men came from Brooklyn to rob a cabbie that they saw walking in the street? Sunnyside’s demographic is 168 different nationalities and races. What would be untypical?

Bruno Mars

Here is the truth – The nearest homeless shelter is on Van Dam Street in LIC.


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