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Man Pulls Gun on Sunnyside Resident

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Nov. 13, 2010 Staff Report

The police arrested a man on Queen Blvd. early Thursday morning after he went around to a Sunnyside resident’s home and pulled a 9 mm handgun after the pair got into a dispute.

Police said that the perpetrator went to the victim’s 39th Street home to settle an ongoing issue and pulled out a handgun. While no shots were fired, the man was arrested on Queens Blvd and 39th Street at 12:30 am while waving his gun.

“The guy was running around the neighborhood,” said Mark Wachter, a police lieutenant at precinct 108, at the United forties Civic Association meeting in Woodside on Thursday. Many residents called the station and there was a big police presence on the scene, he said. The police arrested the man and recovered the handgun. The perpetrator was not named.

Meanwhile, Wachter said that a judge ruled last week that the current business owner of Casa Romana (the bar/club at 39-20 Queens Blvd. where several teenagers were stabbed on August 28) is not permitted to reopen the establishment.

The police’s legal bureau initially got an order to close it down via a “nuisance abatement” in October. When the matter went before a Queens County Supreme court judge last week, the judge ruled that the owner is no longer able to maintain a financial interest in the business and must sell it.

The judge ruled that the police and court must approve the new buyer.

On a different matter, Wachter said the police have downgraded a reported abduction of a 20-year woman on 40th Street and 50th Ave. to a robbery. Initially, the police reported that a woman was pulled into a vehicle on her way to the subway at 6:30 am on October 26. However, after interviewing several witnesses, the police said the man stopped his car and stole her bag.

Meanwhile, in a highly publicized hit-and-run last Wednesday, a 29-year-old female and her 3-year-old son were struck between 61st-62ndstreets and Woodside Ave. Police later found that the perpetrator was a man in his mid 80s who was frightened and fled the scene due to fear. No one was seriously hurt.

Furthermore, Wachter said that the precinct’s anti-crime unit arrested two men who had impersonated police officers to pull off a robbery.  The perpetrators were found near 69th Street and Roosevelt Ave. with tasers and police shields.

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Please, no third rate business. That’s how this place got into trouble in the first place. It’s always been a bit shady. We don’t need MORE taxi services, do we? You can walk out onto Queens Blvd and hail a taxi 24/7. What this neighborhood needs is a BOOKSTORE!


Is it possible to have bids put in for this property. Like sharing it with new businesses that are starting out. Put dividers in side and have them share the expense. Have the bid do a program with a bank to help solve some of their problems. Or open a tax store. Or a clothing store or a taxi service which we can use in our neighborhod. We have pronto but they have no competition in our town.


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