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Man Fatally Shot Outside Long Island City Apartment Complex While Sitting in Mercedes

A 50-year-old man was fatally shot while sitting in his vehicle outside 28-10 Jackson Ave. Thursday night (Citizen App)

Aug. 20, 2021 By Christian Murray

A 50-year-old man was fatally shot in Long Island City last night while sitting in his Mercedes in front of a luxury apartment complex, police said.

Police said that Joseph Bryan, of Elmhurst, was shot multiple times in the arm and torso by a gunman who approached his vehicle in front of the Jackson Park apartment complex, located at 28-10 Jackson Ave., at around 11:15 p.m.

Bryan was transported by EMS to Mount Sinai Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The perpetrator fled the scene on foot.

No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing. Police are unsure at this time whether the incident was gang related.

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Most people know the reasons for the high crimes such as poor leadership, tying the hands of law enforcement, decriminalizing drugs, releasing so many from the prisons and so much more. However, De Blasio and other’s like him continue to blame Covid while thousands of people flee to other states from what once was a great city under Bloomberg and Guiliani. I think NYC will take decades to come back if ever. I feel sorry for the vulnerable population such as the old people who can’t leave and are victimized.

FBI Statistics state the highest crime states are all Republican. Google it.

A father was shot in his car in Texas in a case of road rage, is that the Republicans fault?

A Sunnyside Resident

The perpetrators were certainly once again cyclists. Those who cycle in the wrong direction also eat small children and shoot well-behaved motorists!


Hope the victim recovers quickly and the suspect is caught. Scary times. Looking forward to more free concerts.


Gun crime:

Brought to you by the misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment by the right wing.

More to story?

There should be a follow up in this. Its was some guy in the movie biz who knows Ice T, by the pics shown elsewhere it may have been near the luxury apt bldg but it was down at the end of a dark street in front pf CRS International. Why is a Mercedes park in this area late at night. Please look into it.

Sick of democratic party leadership

Thanks DeBlasio!
Thanks Cuomo!
Thanhs Biden,
Thanks AOC!
And all the rest of the democrats who bend over backwards to keep criminals on the street.

FBI Statistics: Louisiana, Tenn, Alabama, Oklahoma and Mississippi highest in crime.

Don’t forget the Republican contribution of an endless supply of guns.

David B. Smith

That’s not what Democrats do but I doubt you’re interested in a reasonable discussion. If you are really sick of Democratic Party Leadership, you should relocate. This part of the country is not for you. Move to a big city controlled by the Republican Party who bends over backward trying to keep the jails and prisons full. You would probably be happier.


3 worst presidents ever were Republican. Trump (total liar and incompetent), Bush (responsible for 2 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for no reason), Nixon (resigned in disgrace). Enough said.

Enough already

You are 100% correct. It’s time we had public leadership that has the interest of the people that don’t commit crime not glorifying those that do. I’m voting republican going forward.

Lucky number 7 train

If its gang related than it’s probably from those gangs in the queensbridge/ravenwood nycha buildings. there not far from there. There was a teacher shot and killed over there just a few months ago I think. It’s a shame


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