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Man Faces Jail Time For Using Fake ID to Buy High-End Car on Northern Boulevard

Lexus Dealership at 40-40 Northern Blvd. (Google)

March 14, 2019 By Christian Murray

A Bronx man who bought a luxury vehicle from a Northern Boulevard dealership by using a false ID to finance it has pleaded guilty to grand larceny.

Josue Aguilar, 28, went to the Lexus car dealership at 40-40 Northern Blvd. on April 9, 2016, and posed as a South Carolina man.

Aguilar entered the dealership and asked to buy a 2016 Lexus RC with all the packages at a cost of $70,000. He then signed paper work to finance the deal by using the victim’s social security number, a driver’s license bearing the victim’s name and other forms of personal identification.

The loan was approved two days later.

The victim’s credit score plunged after a series of payments were not made. The South Carolina man only discovered the bogus loan after he was unable to refinance his home and borrow money for his child’s college.

Aguilar is expected to be sentenced to three to six years in prison, according to the Queens District Attorney’s office.

“This case is a reminder that one should always be vigilant about protecting their personal information. The defendant now faces prison time for his actions,” said Chief Assistant District Attorney John M Ryan in a statement.

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Phat Ho

He probably just didn’t realize he wasn’t allowed to use the victim’s social security number, driver’s license bearing the victim’s name and other forms of personal identification. Honest mistake. Could happen to anyone.

Sara Ross

I recently opened an account at a bank and I showed them my driver’s license but they also need a 2nd form of I.D. Something for car dealers to think about.


What is with the Sunnyside Post these days? Is this the only crap that you feature? Petty crimes and thieves? What about some good stuff once in a while? Where are the St. Patty’s Day Parade pictures? Where are stories about businesses doing positive things? People trying to make Sunnyside a nicer place as opposed to a worse place?

Silent majority

Identify thief is not a petty crime this mans credit will be affected forever. U must be a Democrat. The new New York is here. Reap what u sow


I can’t believe it. Another Bronx man who is not from a homeless shelter around here is committing crimes in our neighborhood?

prison is for poors

What about this guys otherwise blameless life?
Manafort commuted crimes 100x and gets the same jail time as this small time crook who just wanted to ride in a nice car.
Our justice system is a joke and broke.

still guilty

The system may be broken, but this guy is still guilty and deserves to be punished Or are you suggesting that this thief should go free? Two wrongs don’t equal one right.

Are you kidding

How do you know this man had an “otherwise blameless life”. Do you know him? He stole $70,000 from someone. Someone who wanted to use his own money to send his child to college. “Otherwise blameless life.” Are you kidding ? Fool

Nice car

Your logic is f***ed up. He’s only a small time crook who only wanted a nice car. He stole the man’s money and identity. You say the system is broken, probably is. What’s really broken is you. Miserable and angry. You’re more pathetic than anything else.

Andrew Cuomo

Totally agree… the system is a joke and broke… Shelly Silver is still waking around as free as a bird …with Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner playing with their birds and choking their chickens


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