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Man Caught Grinding Woman And Teen Girl On 7 Train

(Source: R36)

(Source: R36)

May 19, 2016 Staff Report

A 64-year-old man has been arrested after repeatedly pressing himself against a woman and teenage girl on the 7 train.

Mohamed H. Mohamed of East Elmhurst was spotted Wednesday around 4:30 p.m. by two plain-clothes police officers on a Queens-bound train as he turned back and forth between the two victims.

Mohamed first pressed himself against a 36-year-old woman, according to the NYPD. Then, as the train entered the 52nd Street station, he turned to a 15-year-old girl and repeatedly pressed his body against her backside.

When the teenager stepped way from him, Mohamed turned back to the 36-year-old woman and pressed himself against her, police said. She then stepped away, and he again turned toward the 15 year old.

At this time, as the train entered the 74th Street station, officer Gregory Perpall identified himself and removed Mohamed from the train. Perpall was patrolling the train with officer Jaipaul Ramdat.

Mohamed was charged with two counts of forcible touching, two counts of sex abuse, two counts of harassment and one count of reckless endangerment of a child.

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Pedro Valdez Rivera Jr.

Not surprised that there are a few detractors that could ruined the overall reputation of the New York City Subway system.


Absolutely disgusting, nice job NYPD on catching this guy who’s obviously a repeat offender. Why can’t we just lock up these creeps in a room together so they can grind themselves into oblivion

Fake Donald trump

Mohammed h. Mohammed???????????
Why not just name him
Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed
Deport him, build a wall


Lets hope it was Liberals they were grinding, Might waken them up.
Actually i am sure they survived worse.

NYC Subway Riders Are Doomed

Sadly, most cops I see as I ride the # 7 daily huddle together just beyond the turnstiles and chat rather than patrol the train platforms or the trains. This is why the trains are like the Wild West. Lawlessness prevails in the absence of police presence and law enforcement


-Doomed Sadly you’re an uninformed alarmist,NYC Subway Ridership is approximately seven million daily – more than 2.5 billion annually. 817,793 people ride the 7 line daily . That’s the equivalent to the population of the cities of Indianapolis or San Francisco or Jacksonville. Thanks for the injection of ignorance into the comment stream. The 7 train and the NYC subway system actually shows above average safety statistics especially considering the number of people the system serves. I know these are only facts and facts truth and history don’t matter to a Fox watching idiot like you


-Rocky You’re a complete dumbed-down brainwashed imbecile. Congratulations!! All the information David posted can be found right on the introduction page of the facts and figures. Hahaha You make it too easily imbecile. No wonder that guy blamefoxnews is always ripping you apart.


-David Rocky doesn’t know anything about truth facts or history. The man is an imbecile. Just read his posts. He’s a great example of the army of idiots unleashed by Fox News.

John John

Mohamed Mohamed !? Its amazing how many cab drivers I have met with this very same name Mohamed Mohamed…This is just ridiculous. His parents are suck ups who believe this assures them a spot in heaven.


If you name your child Jesus, Mary, or Abraham, you don’t have to wait in the regular line at St. Peter’s Gate, you can get on the express line.

It’s not ridiculous.

Ed Geins Lampshade

Let’s see a mug shot so he can get beaten down the next time he is seen in public!


Thanks for the alert Sunnyside Post… a photo of the perp would be nice too. How many times has he done this on the 7 train that went unreported? Got lucky that the NYPD was undercover yesterday and spotted him.

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

Was this scoundrel one of the so-called Syrian refugees that have been molesting and assaulting women all over Europe?

Rocky Balboa

FACT CHECK THIS, EMILY: there were many sexual assaults done by “refugees” in Cologne German this year. They are called “rapeugees”.


-Rocky Fact check,stupid, we’re talking about one 64 year old man rubbing up against women on a subway. Last week it was an old Hispanic man photographed exposing himself on the subway. The month before was a white guy from NJ arrested for exposing himself on the subway. This has been going on on the subway since my mother was a little girl in the 1920’s. Now you’re trying to make it fit what you low information fools call a political agenda. I’m well aware of your agenda.


@Rocky Fact Check There would be no Syrian Refugees if the Bush Administration didn’t undermine the region by invading Iraq.


Hey Emily, You’re absolutely correct about this person posting as Rocky on thi stream. A few months back he posted a link trying to justify his hateful behavior. It was to a site that that was nothing less than a hateful and racist blog. Just go back and review the articles on Sunnyside Post, I don recall which article it was but it’s out there. He’s a total creep.


Totally appreciate that there are undercover police looking for creeps like this guy.


Why do you post these sensational stories that virtually nothing to do with Sunnyside?

“Pervert on Train Passing Through Sunnyside”


As women who reside in Sunnyside and ride the “train passing through Sunnyside”, it is good to know that if this should happen to you, the NYPD will believe you, and – if you are lucky, they may be right on hand to help.


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