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Man Carjacked at Gunpoint Monday Across Street From Woodside Catholic School

Police are looking for two alleged carjackers who pulled a man out of his car at gunpoint Monday across the street from St. Sebastian’s Catholic Elementary School (Photo of Woodside Avenue via Google Maps)

March 14, 2022 By Michael Dorgan

Two armed men pulled a man out of his vehicle at gunpoint early Monday morning just feet away from a Woodside elementary school.

The driver, 45, was sitting in a Toyota Corolla outside 57-14 Woodside Ave. — situated across the street from St. Sebastian’s Catholic Elementary School — when the suspects approached the vehicle at around 4 a.m., police said.

One of the suspects pulled out a gun and demanded the driver’s wallet. The victim handed over his wallet before the suspect dragged him out of the car and then got into the vehicle.

The perpetrator then sped off in the gray-colored 2004 Toyota, which has a New York license plate of KRC1625.

The other suspect, however, got into a different vehicle to flee the scene. Police said it was a white-colored sedan.

The victim’s wallet contained $100 cash as well as a debit and credit card. The victim’s phone was also in the carjacked vehicle.

There were no injuries reported and no arrests have been made, police said.

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4am... Is this owner a custodian at the school?

You’re sitting in your car at some godforsaken hour, this is what happens!!

Free Mets tickets for criminals!!!

It’s as if the Democrats watched the movie “Escape From New York” and thought to themselves “Hmmm. What can we do to make this a reality?” That is certainly the direction they are taking us.

Does anyone even understand the "Mets tickets" thing?

This has been copy and pasted for so many years no one under 60 understands what you’re saying 😂

Jim Magee

Pre-COVID in an effort to get defendants to appear for court appearances, Mayor de Blasio suggested offering tickets as an incentive.


clearly you are not a new yorker by any means if you dont know what the mets tickets and gift cards were about. when head criminal deblasio released the worst killers and murderers back on the street, he congratulated them for a job well done for attacking the public by giving them mets tickets and gift cards.

Republican Band Wagon

Republican Enthusiast – There is just as much if not more crime in Republican controlled places.Fact!! Escape from New York is only about Manhattan, you obviously never saw the movie. Thanks for the weak comparison.

No there is not. Silly snowflake.

Democrats give Mets tickets to convicts. You want a free game rob a bank!

Take a remedial reading class

Really- Do you read the articles you link to us ?
Headline Of your Gothamist Article:
Free Mets Tickets For Hardened Criminals? Don’t Believe The Hype. The Gothamist calls the Mets Tickets hysteria created by the NY Post.
To Quote the NY Post “ The Post had previously reported Hizzoner was “planning “to ply defendants with goodies once bail-reform kicks in Jan. 1 including Mets tickets if they hold up their end of the bargain”
Note the word “planning”.
Quote CBS Article “ Cash bail will be eliminated Jan. 1 for hundreds of offenses, and some defendants “could be” let out earlier and given rewards to get them to show up to court, CBS2’s Lisa Rozner reported Monday.”
Note “could be”.
How come you never produce an article where Mets tickets were “actually” given?

There is stupid then there is Fox stupid

None of the articles pasted by contributor who goes by “really “ say Mets tickets we’re actually given to anyone. Why post the links?

The links posted by "Really..." prove the "Mets tickets" thing never happened

according to the link from the tabloid NY Post the plan was never implemented.

Thanks for proving that criminals were never given Mets tickets! Wow you’re really bad at this.


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