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Man Burglarizes Sunnyside Apartment, Takes Cash and Watch



June 3, 2015 Staff Report

A man climbed through an unlocked window into a Sunnyside apartment before taking off with a watch and $300 in cash, police said.

The man gained entry to a 48th Avenue/47th Street apartment by climbing the fire escape and opening a second floor unlocked window, police said.

The incident took place at about 5:10 pm, Friday, May 29.

The police described the suspect as a Hispanic man, approximately 5’8” and about 190lbs.

He was last seen wearing a striped shirt.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

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Hey Mac, Relax. Many people will call themselves Hispanic or Latino when you ask them what race they are. I asked high school students right here in Queens what their race was and I got dozens of different responses, most of them were wrong. They’re not “embiciles,” just misinformed.

I hope you’re not thinking that mestizo or Amerindian are racial terms. The whole concept of “race” is a 19th-century social construct and has little scientific or biological value. Experts point out that the real differences are social, not biological. When it comes down to it, there is really only one race, the human race. All of the other differences between us are either superficial or based on social customs, like language or religion.


@Dana Is ‘Hispanic’ a race? In short, no. ‘Hispanic’ is a cultural designation, New World Hispanics can be broken down into racial categories, such as mestizo or Amerindian. I’m not a fan of the mayor but I’m even a lesser fan of ignorant blowhards like you. Do a little research into the subject you’re posting about and even look up the word you misdefined in your post. Your so called news source has turned you into an embicile, congratulations.


i thought the policing policies established by the progressive administration prohibits the use of terms like “Hispanic” or other race identifiers in describing criminal suspects.


A.Bundy So you allow somebody to force you and your family to live behind bars. Simple alarm system and locks will do the trick. Remove the bars and stop trying to turn this place into mirror image of a third world slum. Coward!! Take some pride in yourself and your community.


I already got all my windows set up with traps that trip alarm, even if my windows are open, good luck getting in.
Which floor was this apartment on, can there be more details at least? Nobody is going to go up on fire escape and check windows one by one, this person knew there was nobody home, so they were casing the place for a while knowing when they get in and out, which is probably the most important part, and then there is also a possibility he came out of one window in another apartment and got in to this place. Lastly, why in the world would a fire escape be available for climbing up from the street level, I would sue the building for my loss, but in this case loss wasn’t much anyway. Hopefully you ALL have renter’s insurance to cover this type of thing.

PS: The the site administrator, Google Captcha is stupid, asking me to pick up soups and ice cream and crap like that with terrible pictures.


Why does it take so long to release these photos? At least this photo was released within a couple of days of the crime unlike some in the past incidents where photos were released over a month after the crime. I guess it’s a step in the right direction, progress. This guys pretty bold that is a very busy time of day in that area. He’s obviously got the confidence of a pro.


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