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Man Breaks into Sunnyside 99 Cent Store, Takes $500 Cash

Suspect (NYPD) and Google Maps

Dec. 15, 2017 By Christian Murray

The police are looking for a man who allegedly broke into a 99 cent store in Sunnyside last week and stole $500 cash.

The perpetrator allegedly entered 99 cent Paradise, located at 42-06 Greenpoint Ave., by going under the roll down gate at around 2:45 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 9.

The man then raided the cash register and took off with the cash.

Anyone with information is asked to call the detective squad for Queens North at 718-752-9200

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The article didn’t mention he stole an unknown amount of Oran Juice Jones cotton candy scented car air fresheners. They all have a photo of OJJ posing with his 74 Caddy Pimpmobile. I hope they still have some left. I wanna hang some from the rear view mirror of my Buick Electra.

Jesus is my backseat driver

if 99 cent paradise only accepted bitcoin as payment this wouldve never happened.

Theorem Ox

Probably is the new normal in the “economic recovery” that we’re all supposed to be enjoying. (So much for banana stands…)

never groped anyone, i swear!

Thats an old photo, the new place has a glaring spelling mistake on hte sign, i wish they had their 500 bucks to repair the sign.

Unless a DICOUNT STORE is a new thing


Seems to be a larger than usual number of shifty people on Queens Blvd, in last few months. Who are the people who get off the private shuttle bus that makes daily stops and unloads people on 47th Street Between Queens Blvd. and Greenpoint Ave.? Some dodgy people in this group for sure.


Seriously, who lives cash in the register overnight? Also if he was in the store, he could easily take merchandise worth more than $500, do they not have a single camera in the store? If I was insurance company, I’d never issue any kind of insurance policy to businesses without cameras, safes, or proper gates.. But can we blame the Chamber of Commerce for asking business owners to use crappy gates? Or was this not one of those “See-through” gates they asked everyone to update to stop graffiti problems?

Carbie Barbie

He would need to take 505 items at their retail price in order to equal his take from the register. That’s a lot of clothespins!

Theorem Ox

The number of items priced under a dollar have been dwindling at the mom and pops. But geez, that is still a lot to make up for!


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