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Maggie Mae’s is Undergoing a Big Makeover

Maggie-Maes1Feb. 20, 2015 By Christian Murray

Maggie Mae’s, a well known bar located at 41-15 Queens Blvd, is undergoing a major revamp.

The interior is being rebuilt from top to bottom with 1800s reclaimed wood from Pennsylvania.

New floors are being put down. A new bar has been built, alongside new timber seats and tables.

The bar closed for construction the day after the Super Bowl (Feb. 1) and its owners are planning on reopening it on Feb. 28.

“I just came in as an owner /partner last month and felt it was time for a revamp and I like the rustic look,” said James Moore, the former manager at Maggie Mae’s who now co-owns it with Sean Sorohan. “The neighborhood is also changing–there are a lot of new people coming to the area.”

One of the walls has been removed and now the red brick that was behind it is exposed. Meanwhile, the popcorn ceiling is gone, and the old timber beams show through.

The pool table and the duke box are gone for good. The games of beer pong will be no longer. And there will be just three TVs.

The owners are also putting in a kitchen, which will begin serving food this summer. The menu is not expected to be extensive but items such as burgers, fish and chips will be served.

This summer, the outside and front-door entrance will change significantly. There will be floor to ceiling windows and a whole new exterior sign.

In the interim, the sign will change and the outside will be painted a different color.

Moore said that the bar will have 18 beer lines when it reopens, with several craft beer options.

Maggie Mae’s is also upgrading its large downstairs area that is typically used for parties. That space too is being rebuilt with 1800s reclaimed wood.

James Moore and Sean xx

James Moore and Sean Sorohan


Maggie Mae's inside
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I would back any ideas James has to improve something. The bar will do great with these warm renovations.

The people moving here from other parts are not spending much time in bars here for a reason. The traditional cookie cutter irish bar is not appealing to them, and these owners have clued in on that. I wish them all the best.


Place has been a dump for years revamping it doesn’t mean shite. Make it something besides another drunken Irish water hole with a stupid name and invite new comers besides all the old bums from before.


Don’t miss the beer Olympics hosted in the brand new Maggie Maes on March 7th. Check out for more details.


I gotta tell you something kind of weird about this place – my friend and I tried to go in here last summer to try to watch the World Cup soccer match one day. AND GUESS WHAT!!! They didn’t even have a outside TV out back, and it was a real nice day! Clown bar much? I’m not saying a bar needs to have sports on all the time. That would be pretty dumb and just attract the wrong kind of people. At least they’re going to get some better beer, though. Guinness is weak for weeks, and it seems like everyone in this neighborhood thinks it’s great. Maybe not so much wood from Pennsylvania, too??? They call it “SUNNYSIDE” for a reason. Just keep it local is all I’m trying to say. If this is a good neighborhood, we should be able to have a good bar without having to tell people that a bunch of the wood came out of PENNSYLVANIA!!! Kind of embarrassing if you ask me (and A LOT of other Sunnyside people probably too).


Haha. Spend much time out back in the alleyway do ye? Wrong place dumbass. How are you from Sunnyside and not know this place has no “out back” ? You’re not, you’re just a troll.


You obviously have never been in Maggie’s when u don’t know they have no outdoor space, go spout your trash elsewhere and get your facts right…..


I made a simple mistake and was thinking of a different place. Lots of rude people come out when the internet is involved, I guess. Oh well. At least you guys have something to complain about. Keep it classy, Sunnyside.


REOPEN THE MOVIE THEATER!!! Perfect for a cold day. BTW: man found murdered near 108th precinct. Any news on this?


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