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Lowery Bar & Kitchen Does The Big Reveal, But Still Waiting To Open


May 5, 2016 Staff Report

The construction shed has come down but the owners still have to wait before they can open.

The owners of the Lowery Bar & Kitchen, the highly anticipated bar/restaurant located at the corner of 43rd Street and 43rd Avenue, still need the City to sign off on the establishment before it can open.

Anne Muldoon, a co-owner of the bar, did not specify what permits they need. She also did not want to put a date on when they expect to open.

“We’ve given dates before and it’s backfired,” she said.

Location of bar/restaurant

Location of bar/restaurant

The bar has taken over the space that was previously occupied by Sofra, a Middle Eastern restaurant that closed toward the beginning of 2015. The space had been occupied by El Shater for 17 years prior to its closing in 2011.

Lowery will have about 15 bar stools as well as tables and booths. The location, which features a lot of reclaimed wood, can cater up to nearly 70 people.

The menu will include items such as grilled Bratwurst sausage, grass-fed burgers, steamed mussels, fish tacos and spicy roasted pumpkin.

The owners hoped to open last summer but experienced delays in finalizing the lease. They then aimed for the beginning of 2016.

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Sunnyside tends to attract half-assed restaurant businesses. This place seems to be the real deal. Let’s see the food and drinks.

Tabby Hunter

They have to knock it off with the awful singers (bad Irish music no offense) and the semi literate obnoxious bar tenders.

El loco

What it’s in there the Taj Mahal? I don’t want a burger that eats grass. I want one that smokes it!

Here is the Truth

Eat you 4 for 4s. Smoke your ragweed on the stoops near jacks and leave the good stuff to those of us who knows quality.

Good God I bet you drink house beer not knowing its Miller Lite!

Sunnyside Kreegs

Excited to try it. I live on 43rd and have been waiting for it to open!!!!!!!

Captain Spalding

Who gives a shit what kind of wood they used? It doesn’t have any effect on the temperature of the beer or taste of the food. Can’t wait to go watch guys sitting eating giant sausage. How appealing. All the hype about this place shows how bored people really are.

Rocky Balboa

Were you in the Devils Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses? I heard Rob Zombie has new film coming out.


I would like to reserve one of the barstools.

Also, I did not realize it is a catering business.

I will make no claim on any wood.


Sofra was good. This place…maybe it’s good, but I’m tired of it before it even opens with all the “news” about it like this piece. How can it be a year and you still haven’t figured out who you have to pay off?


Great. Just like every other bar/ restaurant in the neighborhood. Like sunnyside needs another brewpub.

This place is stuck in 1992


Yes, thanks Jakers, lets make sure to get more of the kind of restaurants/bars/pubs that you like.

Maybe an Applebees or a TGI Fridays would be more your speed – cheap prices, franchise opportunities. I bet they’d even sell you one of those “lava” cakes with the melted chocolate inside while you sip on a Long Island Iced Tea w/complementary paper umbrella.

Don’t like it? Don’t go.


They need one better than the kettle which lost good staff to alcove . One of the female bartenders they hired at kettle is a nightmare who insults the customers and never smiles . She is there on weekends , let the buyer beware

Rocky Balboa

Thank you. I have seen her in action and it is not a pretty site. The owner should do something before he loses more clients. I miss Jonathan who was great and did not insult paying customers and is now running a great establishment. A couple of the singers on Saturday nights are just plain awful. Better no music than lousy music.


I assume that businesses in limbo like this have to pay rent for all this time before they actually open. How can they even manage to stay in business when starting that much in the hole?


It’s customary for experienced landlords to offer concessions in order to attract good tenants. A 10-year lease would most likely receive a minimum of 6 months of free rent, especially when significant tenant’s work is involved. So it’s possible his/her rent has not kicked in just yet (although sometimes landlords like to get the cash flow at day 1, so they offer 12 months “at half rent” instead of the full 6 free months all on the front end).

Del Toro

Just passed by the other day, it looks much nicer in person than this picture. Hopefully it will be nice inside, with nice people, family oriented atmosphere instead of some of the other places where intoxicated people loiter in front.

silent majority

You want family oriented? Take your double stroller to Chuck e. Cheese

Del Toro

You are what’s wrong with sunnyside. Go back to hellhole you came from. By the way, you spelled Forever Alone wrong in your name.


Cannot wait. They need not worry about delayed openings. As soon as those doors open people will be coming in droves including me and my partner!

Tall drink

All this hipster fear but I think this will always be a neighbourhood where everyone secretly smokes pot out of apples in their basements whilst blasting C,S & N in their clamshell headphones.


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