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Long-Time Jewelry Store is For Sale, as Owner’s About to Retire

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Oct. 27, 2013 By Christian Murray

One of Sunnyside’s oldest businesses is for sale—as the owner has decided that it’s time to retire.

That’s Incredible Jewelry, located at 45-21 Greenpoint Avenue, is on the market for $75,000. The store sells and repairs watches and jewelry.

Aris Bagdasaryan, the owner, said that he and his wife have operated the store since the early 1980s.  “I’ve been here for more than 30 years and it is now time,” he said.

Bagdasaryan said the location has been a jewelry store for about 90 years. “The person who had the store before me retired…and there was someone before that I think.”

“An old lady came here a while ago who was in her 90s and she said she got her engagement ring here when she was 16 years old,” Bagdasaryan said.

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I would stay away from,this place they are soooooo rude to,customers and have no respect what so ever there items look,cheap and,are over priced they should have closed !!!!!


We DESPERATELY need anther eyebrow threading place, complete with an LED sign, and 32″ flat screen TV! (Sarcasm)


What do you get for 75 grand? How much is the rent?———–

Inventory and the lease….most businesses really have little residual value…..

Because the value is the OWNER and when they retire the only value left is the location and a cheap lease….the former clientele may or may not shop there again.

One of the few successful Owner operated businesses i saw involved a long time employee taking over. A friend of mine was the office manager/dj for a Disc Jockey company for 10 years, so when the owner retired she bought it and ran it another 20 year till she retired and sold everything.

South Side Johnny

We didn’t exactly score big when you moved here either, Hal. You’ve actually brought things down a notch.


Dorothy, art space is a good idea, but not on Greenpoint ave.
The demographic here is not exactly interested in acquiring fine art.
That being said, Greenpoint Ave had absolutely NOTHING going for it.
No architecture, culture, greenery, and zero interestingness..
Moving to south Sunnyside was a big mistake.


You guys are right, Greenpoint Ave kind of sucks. A lot of updated store and stores selling junk. Unfortunately, since these stores are still open I guess there is a demand for all the crap.

Could be worse I guess, but that block hasn’t really kept up with the evolution of Sunnyside. But then gain, most of south Sunnyside hasn’t.


Dorothy that is a really good idea, i think if you contact the sunnyside shines bid they would be able to help out with that idea

Dorothy Morehead

What about temporary art space for the duration of the vacancies? Artists are usually looking for exhibition and/or work space but frequently do not have funding for large open spaces. This, of course, would depend on the landlords’ cooperation but I see a win-win situation if the artists put in some sweat equity to fix up the space (including the storefront). And the community would benefit from the facelift to the buildings and potential customers to local businesses.

Tequilla Mockingbird

I agree with Sunnysider.

Greenpoint ave. has the potential to be a lovely street but sadly there is nothing appealing about it.
Vacant storefronts, tacky looking 99c stores selling plastic junk, second rate fast food joints, ghetto beauty salons, all with the same ugly awnings and those ridiculous LED signs.
Greenpoint ave. feels oddly dated and uninteresting.


Another store vacant on greenpoint avenue. What a shame. Good luck to the owners. Hope they enjoy their retirement. Hope it’s not going to turn into another nail salon or 99cent store. A nice bright jazzy store would bring a little pick me up to greenpoint ave. but it will probably stay vacant for years as so many other stores have done because the landlords are looking for crazy rents


I adore this store. The owners have always been wonderful to me.

I hope they have a lovely retirement, but I will miss this!


If this closes, where in the neighborhood can we get our watch batteries changed…I’ve always found it a most peculiar place. The display windows are filled with clocks and watches, but NOT EVEN ONE is set to the correct time!


ANYTHING BUT ANOTHER RESTAURANT! We have too many places here to eat already and all the other stores sell junk nobody needs!


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