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Long Island City Resident Announces Bid for State Assembly for Second Time

Mary Jobaida Campaign

July 7, 2021 By Ryan Songalia

A Long Island City woman who ran for a state assembly seat last year will give it another shot in 2022.

Mary Jobaida, who came up short in her primary challenge of long-time District 37 Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan in 2020, announced on July 1 that she will once again campaign for the seat.

The progressive candidate is running on a platform that includes ending cash bail, decriminalizing sex work, creating a universal single payer healthcare system, and passing term limits for state legislators.

In the June 2020 primary, Jobaida received 36.7 percent of the vote, behind Nolan with 47.7 percent. A third candidate, Danielle Brecker, generated 15.3 percent of the vote.

This time, Jobaida, 41, may not have an incumbent to challenge for the seat that covers the neighborhoods of Sunnyside, Ridgewood, Long Island City, Queensbridge, Ravenswood, Woodside, Maspeth, Dutch Kills, Blissville and parts of Astoria.

Well-placed sources say that Nolan, who was first elected to the seat in 1984, will not seek another term. The 63-year-old Nolan disclosed this past February that she was recovering from cancer surgery.

No other candidates have announced they plan to run. It is not yet known whether Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer, who had a strong showing in western Queens in his unsuccessful bid for Queens Borough President, will run.

Jobaida, a mother of three, grew up in a rural village in Bangladesh and moved to New York in 2001.

The self-described “lifelong activist” says her experience working in close proximity with underserved populations has been influential to her platform positions.

Since October 2020, she has worked as a constituent services representative in the office of State Senator Jessica Ramos.

Her other work history includes teaching English at the New York Public Library and working as an outreach specialist at the not-for-profit Urban Health Plan network. She was also the founding program manager at Time Television, the first Bangladeshi HD television channel in New York City.

She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Media, Culture and Communications from New York University in 2012.

Jobaida has aligned herself with other candidates on the progressive left, doing joint canvassing work with the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign in 2020, and volunteering with Tiffany Cabán’s campaigns for city council and Queens District Attorney.

If elected, Jobaida would become the third South Asian American to be elected to the Assembly, following Zohran Mamdani and Jenifer Rajkumar in 2020.

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Gardens Watcher

A new reporter has “well-placed sources?” Really? Sounds like a Ramos tactic and a push from the DSA.

It is Nolan’s decision whether to run for RE-election. She has served our district honorably for years and deserves more than a NYPost-style ambush.

Lucky number 7 train

Wait!?! she is wearing a hijab but wants to legalize sex work? I know many people that would take issue with that.


After she lost the primary last time, she blamed danielle brecker in a nasty screed on twitter. It was embarrassing and said a lot about Mary as a person. Own up to your loss, don’t blame others like that. She brings nothing to the race. I don’t want her as my representative.


Jimmy Van Bramer please run for state Assembly. Or at least have Amit Baga run. They are like the queer batman and robin of western queens.

It’s a puzzle

I want to know why a woman from Bangladesh who wears a hijab wants to decriminalize sex work or prostitution
Something is not adding up
She can join the hateful mamdani on hating on the Jews
Seems to be in style these days in queens


She wears a hijab for HERSELF. Some people understand that their own choices don’t have to be imposed on others. Maybe you can understand that under a head covering, women still have the ability to think for themselves.


I hope she supports Palestinian rights and votes to increase aid to Palestine. From the river to the sea!

Concerned Citizen

This here should automatically disqualify here:

“The progressive candidate is running on a platform that includes ending cash bail,”…

Does she not see whats going on? Repeat violent offenders are attacking law abiding citizens because they have the freedom to go in and out at will.


Its all about the Benjamin’s baby. Whatever brings people to Western Queens to pay the high rents and overpriced meals while living near public housing homeless shelters and high crime is a good thing for politicians business owners and landlords. Progressives have a strong hold in our area and those people actually take the time to vote. While the rest of us (moderate dems) feel neglected and do not care or have anyone to appeal to us enough to vote for in these local district elections.


It seems like there is such a strong backlash against progressives then why do they keep winning here!


If repeat violent offenders shouldn’t be on the streets, rich repeat violent offenders that can afford cash bail also shouldn’t be on the streets. Cash bail is bad for equity and for safety.


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