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Long Island City Antibody Testing Site Revealed

The site of antibody testing facility at 34-09 Queens Blvd opens next week (Google Maps)

May 8, 2020 By Allie Griffin

The location of the Long Island City antibody testing site announced yesterday has been revealed.

The borough’s free antibody testing facility will be located at 34-09 Queens Blvd., according to Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer.

The facility is one of five — one in each borough — that will test 1,000 people per day for the coronavirus antibodies free of charge. Each facility opens next week.

The first five facilities will test 70,000 people in total over the course of two weeks.

The city will then announce five new locations to test another 70,000 people for a total of 140,000 New Yorkers altogether.

The antibody tests are available through appointment only and priority will be given to residents in the immediate area of each facility.

The city is launching a hotline to schedule an appointment for antibody testing later today.

Antibody testing can show if a person has previously contracted the coronavirus, but health experts have warned that it doesn’t mean someone cannot be infected again.

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The primary goal I believe is to collect information of the infection numbers. There are different strains of this virus and that’s why scientists were able to claim NY had the virus coming from Europe and not China via travel. One article claimed that some that recover don’t show high antibodies when they have light symptoms and others recover with high antibodies. These tests also can test for different antibodies. For whatever, the reason, that’s why there’s the warning testing positive for antibodies doesn’t mean you can’t get it again. Children were suppose to not be harmed by the virus but there are symptoms similar to the Kawasaki disease and there were 3 deaths announced only because doctors tested the dead kids apparently the symptoms or the doctors didn’t believe the deaths were caused by covid19. One epidemiologist who fought Ebola and HIV caught the Covid virus and he had the typical symptoms and recovered with lung damage. He also said it can damage the heart and liver and kidney. You can do a search.

Desirée Clancy

Visit or call 888-279-0967 to make an appointment.


Thank you Carbie Barbie, I searched high and low and could not find the appointment info. Was sick in Feb with almost all of the symptoms, would love to know if I have antibodies and if so could donate.


Hey have any here heard of Antoine Tucker? He’s running against AOC. He’s amazing! Wonder why SSP hasn’t covered Antoine…

Sure haven't

Maybe they aren’t covering him because some nobody no one’s ever heard of isn’t newsworthy?


Let’s say we get tested, but what happens when it comes back as positive? Does this mean we are immune? No. They clearly said “Antibody testing can show if a person has previously contracted the coronavirus, but health experts have warned that it doesn’t mean someone cannot be infected again.”

What’s the point?

Antibody testing can show if a person has previously contracted the coronavirus

The answer is in your comment.
Do all drug tests are pointless because they can’t guarantee you won’t ever get sick? You don’t really grasp the concept do you?


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