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Locals Compete for Karaoke Prize

Bliss Street Station (Photo: QueensPost)

Oct. 10, 2012 By Christian Murray

American Idol is coming to Sunnyside.

No, not this season’s version with Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban. Instead, the one located at 47-02 Greenpoint Ave. held by Bliss Street Station, a local pub/restaurant.

Branded “Bliss Street Idol,” the bar will be holding its fifth annual Karaoke competition.

The pub came up with the concept a number of years ago. “We had been doing karaoke here for years and we thought it would be a lot of fun turning it into a competition,” said Liz Taylor, who works at Bliss Street Station.

Taylor said that there will be 3 judges and that their decision will, in part, be influenced by the crowd’s reaction.

Qualifying rounds begin tonight, Wednesday, October 10, and will also be on October 17 and 24. Competitors are able to turn up on one of these evenings and perform. Singing starts at 9:00pm.

The final is scheduled for November 7. The winner will not receive a big music contract; instead $500.

Last year’s winner was Carolina Isabel Quijada Saavedra, a Woodside resident.

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Just Sayin'

@LongTime: Were you there last week? My friends and I came out from Astoria and saw a few really talented singers get the shaft. The feedback after every singer was the same generic stuff with no real critiques other than “comfortable”, “knew the lyrics”, and “I liked you”.

We all got that it was “just” karaoke, but boy was there a ton of talent that was turned away for… well… yeah…

Long time sunnysider

@simon cowell mayb u should go to bliss idol and see that s it not not alcohol and singing that makes bad karaoke. If u attend a bliss street idol u will see what’s its all about. There were 12 competitors there tonite and a lot of people just enjoying the wonderful entertainment. Next time u make a comment make sure u know the facts and don’t speculate on what U think happens. If u want a good nites fun then check out bliss street karaoke Wednesday, Friday and sat nites.

Oppressed Masses

I hope they have “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window” in the Karaoke machine. I sure could use the $500.


Sunny Skies,

Inability to sing never stopped anyone from doing karaoke. At least not the few times I have seen it.

Sunny Skies

This is certainly one of those times I really wish I could sing…sounds like could be quite an amusing event


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