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Locally-Owned Gym Celebrating 27th Anniversary by Rolling Back Membership Price to 1991 Rates

Feb 28, 2018 By Staff Report

The owners of Phyzique Fitness Club, located at 43-12 50th St., are about to mark the gym’s 27th anniversary and are celebrating by reducing their one year membership price for existing and new members.

Left ro Right: Phyzique owners Nick and Rich

Nick Komporozos and Rich Bundy, the Woodside born-and-raised owners of the local gym, decided to roll back their annual membership price to the original 1991 rate of $299.

The pair elected to offer the promotion to thank the community who have supported them over the years and to help bring in new members.

“First of all, communities are about its people, and when you go to a gym, you look for people you know–who care about you–and make sure you’re getting the results you want,” said Nick

“We have members that have been here since 1991 and still come in almost every day,” Rich added.

Rich Bundy opened the gym in 1991 and Nick joined him as a business partner in 2010.

The pair said they have a focus on a results-driven business environment versus a membership-driven one, which they say keeps the quality of their service above all others.

“With corporate-owned ‘discount gyms’ it’s all about registration numbers–but with us it’s about leading by example, being on the floor almost every day and motivating our members to train harder,” Nick said.

“I would rather have a hundred people who sign up here and get results than a thousand people who buy a membership and don’t show up,” he added.

Nick explained that members are his greatest asset and compared them to walking billboards for the type of gym he runs.

“If your members are happy and making progress, they will often refer family and friends,” he said. “The personal attention we provide our members and their long term results are what they share with others; it’s that philosophy that has worked for us for a long time.”

Nick and Rich are lifelong friends who have shared a love for fitness since an early age. Both excelled in sports as well as bodybuilding and mixed martial arts since their teens.

50th. St. entrance

“We knew something big was in store for us if we worked together and put our common love for fitness into a venture like Phyzique,” Nick shared.

The one year membership offer comes with a free fitness assessment by one of their personal trainers to evaluate the needs and fitness level of each new member.

“So whether someone is a beginner, advanced or in-between, we invite them to stop by and check us out,” Rich said. “We keep an open-door policy for anyone who is not familiar with our club yet, and we’d be happy to offer them a Day-Pass so they can come and get a workout in to see what we’re all about.”

Phyzique Fitness Club is located one block away from the 52nd St. 7 train station and Q32 bus stop, with the following hours of operation:

Monday – Friday: 5:00 a.m. to midnight
Saturday: 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Sunday: 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Readers can visit their website, call 718-507-4228 or e-mail for more information or to make an appointment.

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Great gym. Staff and patrons are very friendly, and it’s rarely overcrowded. I’d love if they added a 3rd “free weight” squat rack and got rid of one of the guided squat racks that nobody really uses. That, and gently reminding folks you generally don’t need to do deadlifts at a squat rack, but can just use open space on the floor.

Those minor quibbles aside, I really appreciate this place. They’re genuine and make you feel good about being there.


Great that someone said this.

The two smith machines are generally unused and when they are it’s because people don’t want to wait for the guy to finish curling or doing deadlifts in the squat rack. Two more squat racks would be ideal, as they are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment.

these guys could kick my butt

hey these guys are in great shape, obviously know what theyre doing. and they know how to run a successful business. these guys should be tapped to help figure how to reduce the for rent signs in sunnyside

Edward E.

I’ve been a member for about two years now, and I cant say anything negative about this gym. I love this place, I love the atmosphere and the service. Its definitely not a corporate gym such as NYSC and or Retro, I’ve been a member of those two gyms as well. This is the BEST gym in the neighborhood!!! Hands Down, will continue to go there hopefully the promotion is still going when I renew my membership in May lol..

Bobby Woodside

This place is great! It really came through when Pulse gym closed. …Let’s not go into how awful Pulse was though. Phyzique is AMAZING! Good luck guys.


Serious question, why do body builders like to pose in exact same stance in every picture. One arm around or behind the other person, while other arms makes “#1” or hang loose or peace/victory or points at the other person with index finger extended. Is this the universal “I’ll flex and this is the best way to show my arm muscles” pose?

No offense, it’s just the way they all look in their pictures.

Good luck to owners, and now that we covered our weekly advertisement entry, let’s go back to discussing bike lanes and homeless shelters.

Jimmy Van Pooch

Great deal for anyone looking for a top notch gym at a fantastic price. I’ll be training there to prepare to kick some Transportation Alternatives butt.

Carbie Barbie

Yeah! Good idea. Be sure to do a lot of cycling to improve your cardio for your epic show down with they cyclists.

Jimmy Van Pooch

Have you seen those TA folks? The last place I expect you would find them is on a bicycle!


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